Caramel Macchiato & Irish Cream Milano Cookies Will Remind You Of Your Favorite Sips

Courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

With spooky season and the Halloween candy hangover now out of the way, my tastebuds are now gearing up for all the bites and sips that accompany the merriest time of the year. If you're looking for some sweet snacks to grab on your next groceries run, Pepperidge Farm's Caramel Macchiato and Irish Cream Milano Cookies transform the flavors of two festive drinks into cookie form. Here's how to get your hands on the holiday-approved choices, because your tastebuds will definitely thank you.

According to press materials, Pepperidge Farm is putting the Monday scaries on the back-burner by rolling out its two new Milano cookie flavors starting on Nov. 4. Cookie enthusiasts can now head to Target locations nationwide to pick up a package (or seven) of their choice of Caramel Macchiato or Irish Cream Milanos. Personally, I'm a fan of anything that combines crisp wafers with a rich chocolate filling, and from the sounds of things, these two varieties will be upping the ante on the OG Milanos. You'll be getting the same delicate biscuits you know and love, but the indulgent chocolate filling inside will be complemented with notes of either caramel, vanilla, and coffee, or flavors of chocolate syrup and Irish whiskey, depending on what option strikes your fancy.

Starting on Nov. 4, you can find both of these varieties exclusively at Target locations retailing for $3.89 for each 7-ounce bag, so there's no reason you can't stop by and start treating yourself to a taste of the holidays. Pro tip: I'd suggest trying these new cookies with the complementary beverage they're inspired by for double the festive flavor. Thankfully, these new sweets will be available all year round, and they'll be showing up in retailers like Walmart and Publix in early 2020, per the brand.

Courtesy of Pepperidge Farms

These two new Milano cookies join the new Toy Soldier cookies that Pepperidge Farms rolled out in late October in collaboration with the Christmas Spectacular Radio City Rockettes. Inspired by the group's "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" dance, the cinnamon and brown sugar-infused shortbread pieces are shaped just like mini toy soldiers and promise to bless your tastebuds with the perfect amount of seasonal spices and buttery shortbread flavor. According to Pepperidge Farm fact sheet sent to Elite Daily, you can get your hands on these limited-edition cookies by heading to any major retailer nationwide, in addition to the company's other holiday offerings like the Candy Cane Milanos and Mint Brussels. Meanwhile, New York residents and visitors will find an extra treat with their purchase, as each bag of Toy Soldiers comes with a promotion code offering up to 25% savings on Rockettes tickets. If you happen to be in the Big Apple and want to catch their holiday show this year, I'd definitely take advantage of this deal. I mean, cookies and plenty of holiday cheer? Count me in.

I know it's hard to believe, but the jolliest time of the year and the start of 2020 is just around the corner, so you have full permission to get into the holiday spirit and make your grocery shopping trip this week a little sweeter with these festive additions.