People Who Love To Sleep In Can Seriously Relate To These 6 Things

Oh, that dreaded alarm clock. Why must it go off? Come Monday morning (and to be honest, every other day of the week), the struggle is so real when you hear the annoying sound go off repeatedly. The alarm means well — I mean, it's really just doing its job. But, we really don't want to deal with it right now. Bundling up under the covers and sleeping the morning away sounds like a much better game plan, am I right? I'm sure so many other people who sleep in can seriously relate to this mindset.

We may not want to listen to anyone who tries to convince us that the morning is the time we're supposed to wake up — but we know that anytime in the afternoon is also a perfectly reasonable time to get up and start the day. The way I see it, the morning is meant for sleeping in, the late afternoon is for running errands, and the night is for going out and having some fun. If this speaks to you, you're certainly not alone.

We may be missing out on sunrises, but our dreams are just as beautiful. You've seen one, you've seen them all. You can have your mornings, morning people — but the rest of us will just be over here shutting down the alarm and rolling back over to sleep.

You Hit The Snooze Button More Times Than You Can Remember

I don't even know why you set an alarm. Maybe you're being too optimistic, but you and I both know that you aren't going to wake up when that first alarm goes off. You might even set your alarm an hour before you actually need to wake up, because you know you will sleep through it and continue to push the snooze button. Oops!

You Always Miss The Breakfast Menu At Your Favorite Place

UGH, not again! I don't know why the breakfast menu stops at a certain time. It's totally unfair. These restaurants would get so much more of my business if they just continued to sell their sausage biscuits and pancakes long into the afternoon. Stop trying to get me to wake up for "breakfast time." It's just not going to happen, and we will never agree on this issue.

If It's A Plan Before Noon, You Will Most Definitely Be Late

When your friends suggest brunch, you always want to push the start time to much later in the day. You know that if it's anytime before noon, they can't expect you to show up on time. As much as you'd like to be on time for bottomless mimosas, it's just not in the cards. Apologizing for being late again is so exhausting.

The Nighttime Is When You're Living Your Best Life

You can accomplish so much between midnight and 4 a.m. In fact, you've probably cleaned your whole apartment and watched an entire season of your favorite show — all in one night. Go you!

Once the sun goes down, you're getting stuff done like a boss. You'd rather be a productive night owl than a sleepy early bird any day of the week.

You Would Get Up, But Your Bed Is The Comfiest Place In The World

You wouldn't want to get out of the comfiest place ever if you were in it, so stop making us. It's not our fault we found the perfect sleeping oasis. We would get up — we totally would — but we're just too comfy. It's seriously rude of you to ask us to leave it, so please quit it ASAP.

There Should Be No Shame For What Time You Roll Out Of Bed

When anyone asks you what time you woke up, you are so tired of the shame some of them make you feel. Sure, you may have woken up at 2 p.m., but that's only because you went to bed at 4 a.m. Who said morning is supposed to be the time we wake up? There needs to be equality for all wakeup times. No more shame to us afternoon risers.