People Who Always Pick The Mountains Over The Beach Can Relate To These 9 Things

Nature is beautiful from any lens you're looking through — but there's definitely a divide in regards to what's a fan fave destination to experience. Getting your fill of surf and sand at the beach is cool and all, but you always leave a little piece of yourself behind in those mountain ranges, don't you? Mountain lovers adore all of those good feels you get when you're looking across a picturesque terrain. People who love the mountains more than the beach have many things in common, aside from their rejection of the sand.

Loving anything tends to impact your everyday habits and behaviors. You're human, and you're trekking your own path in the mountains or not — so it's expected that you wear your love for nature on your sleeve. You might think that you're the only one who has these quirks because of your love for the mountains — but that couldn't be any further from the truth.

Mountain lovers are everywhere. In fact, you might be reading this on your way to a hike as we speak. This might not be a huge population as opposed to the people who prefer the beach, but it exists. So, scream your love for the rocky terrain from the mountaintops, and peep how many others totally relate.

You Were Made For The Cozy Cabin Life

You are so down for being surrounded by the mountains. Waking up from your bed and looking out your window to see the beautiful mornings at higher altitudes is a dream come true for you. You own the cabin life, and you're likely the most prepared for it.

You Live For Hearing Your Voice Echo On Hikes

There's nothing like walking down a path where you can make an echo. It's sort of like voicing to nature that you're there. Now, if you hear something answer back, it's safe to say you should run for dear life.

You Likely Aren't Afraid Of Heights

Mountains are noticeable because they hover over everything else around them and seemingly touch the sky. In other words, they can be really freaking high. If you love mountains, you don't have an issue with heights, and you're used to the pressure change as the altitude gets higher.

You Have Multiple Backpacks

When you love the mountains, you can never have too many backpacks that can hold water. You need a friend to borrow yours, or you just like to be overly prepared rather than unprepared. These things are a lifesaver for those really long hikes.

You Prefer Laces Over Flip Flops

Flip flops are convenient, but laces are a sign that you're about to strap in for some adventure. Flip flops usually mean you're about to be barefoot and probably shouldn't do extraneous things like hiking. Laces are a little bit more promising for biking or walking the trails.

Insects Don't Really Bother You

There is always a give and take when it comes to nature. Being in nature means you have to deal with the not-so-human creatures and insects that actually live in it. Bugs are going to be a factor in loving the mountains. It's no biggie to you, because you know they all play their own roll in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

Long Hikes Don't Intimidate You

You can't gauge how long it will take you to scale a mountain. That's sort of the luxury in exploring them. There's no expectation of finishing, like a race. A long hike means more time immersing yourself in all that the environment has to offer.

You Enjoy Quiet Time

Mountains aren't usually crawling with packed trails of hikers. When you're up there, you get peace and quiet. You might run into a few people on your way, but it's never anything overwhelming.

You're No Stranger To DIY Pine Cone Projects

The only thing better than being in the mountains is being able to take a little bit of it home with you. Pine cones smell so freaking good — and if they are already on the ground in your yard, picking a few up couldn't hurt. Pinterest helps you out a little bit, but your love for the mountains is really what makes those DIY pine cone projects turn out so great.

There's nothing wrong with favoring the mountains over the beach. Everyone deserves a piece of nature, and you find yours way up high.