Extroverts Prefer The Beach While Introverts Enjoy The Mountains

by Chris Riotta

While some prefer to spend spring break twerking on a beach, others might favor a road trip to a good hiking spot to escape reality.

And guess what? Your decision may be based on whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, one study claims.

Researchers at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology say your choice to be on a drunken booze cruise or tucked away in the Catskills all depends on your type of personality, which honestly makes complete sense.

What introvert wants to be getting thrown around in an MTV-style spring break beach disaster?

And what extrovert thinks he or she is going to become the life of the party at a non-existent rage fest in the Adirondacks?

If you find yourself sitting on a beach overlooking the water during Spring Break 2015, you likely enjoy the little things in life, like socializing with friends, meeting new people and holding a keg stand for 30 seconds.

And if you're reading a good book in a log cabin somewhere in the coming weeks, you probably enjoy exploring your thoughts, relaxing in the peace and quiet that comes with a little me-time and taking a breather from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

And, if you are introverted, don't worry: You're not missing out on much.

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