People Who Love Hot Yoga Never Let These 8 Things Ruin Their Flow

by Georgina Berbari

Hot yoga is one of those things that, honestly, is only appealing to a certain kind of person. You know who I'm talking about: the person who always feels mysteriously compelled to put the heat on in the middle of summer, the person who wants to borrow your jacket while the rest of us are shedding our layers from sweating so much — who are you guys? For real, though, I have a lot of respect for people who love hot yoga, because personally, I've tried it, and I don't think I'll ever be able to put myself through the fresh hell that is working out in a humid, 105-degree room again. You peeps are an inspiration to us all.

But hot-yoga yogis aren't just weird people who thoroughly enjoy boob sweat and slippery yoga mats. The practice has so many benefits that always keep the Bikram lovers coming back for more. From the invigoratingly detoxifying properties, to being able to achieve deeper stretches due to super-warmed-up muscles, to the satisfying, heart-pumping endorphin rush during sun salutations, hot yoga definitely has a lot going for it.

There are, however, a few struggles that hot yoga lovers know all too well. It's not like these things will ever deter them from their beloved practice, but you'll probably find them sitting down for brunch afterward to fondly complain about the relatable things that sometimes (read: always) happen in hot yoga class.

When You Underestimate How Fast Your Burrito Would Digest

Making sure to space out your meals at least two or three hours before your hot yoga class is something that's a general consensus among yogis. But hey, sometimes you realize last-minute that your favorite instructor is teaching, and you happened to have hit up Chipotle barely an hour earlier.

Maybe you get lucky and your stomach decides to cooperate that day. Or maybe you have serious regrets when your teacher tells you to "contract your abdominal muscles."

When You Tried To Be Hydrated AF, But Now You Really Need To Pee

Staying hydrated before, during, and after your hot yoga class is so important to make sure your electrolytes stay as ~balanced~ as your body and soul. But then there's that moment when you realize you went way too hard with the H2O, and your bladder is in literal pain because of how badly you need to pee. Yeah, that pelvic floor engagement is not happening today, fam.

Then again, you're sweating so much that no one would really notice if you casually wet yourself, right? Just saying.

When You're So Sweaty, You Can't Even Do Your Poses Properly

Say it with me: The knee sweat is real. Everyone knows that wearing leggings during hot yoga is basically a recipe for turning your body into a furnace, but then you try to do crow pose or tree pose in your short-shorts, and the slippage that occurs is unforgiving as hell.

Better luck next time, amirite?

The Need To Bring Seven Hand Towels With You — Just In Case

Towels are sacred AF in a hot yoga studio. Without them, you would become a seriously soggy version of the woman you used to be.

And one towel is basically unheard of in Bikram. You're going to need one for face-blotting, one for sopping up mat sweat, one for comfort and security, and like three more just in case.

When You Don't Want To Be Touched At All By Your Instructor

Ah, the hands-on adjustment in child's pose. It feels so good, but you feel so guilty because of how gross your body feels. And honestly, the last thing you need right now is someone else's body heat to add to yours.

I'm sorry, teacher. You are truly an angel from above, but also, please kindly remove your hands from my sweat-covered back ASAP.

When You Get Up Too Fast From Savasana And Black Out For A Sec

Class is finally over, and you're so proud of yourself for making it through the entire hour — but maybe a little too proud, because once you spring up joyfully from savasana, the room immediately starts spinning.

Pop a squat and chill for a sec, girl — well, uh, as much as you can "chill" in a room that's over 100 degrees.

When You Throw Away Your Sweaty Clothes Because They're THAT Gross

Yes, you brought a gym bag to stuff your now-unidentifiable, sweat-drenched clothes in, but do you really want those bad boys stinking up your car, your persona, and your life?

Don't lie. There's totally been a time when you've chucked that stuff right in the trash on your way out of the studio. The shorts had a hole in the crotch anyway!

Feeling Sexy AF When Your Face Is Beet-Red For Hours After Class

Me? Red? What are you talking about? My face is always this beautiful pastel hue.

It's called the post-yoga glow. Look it up.