People Who Still Really Love Disney Can Relate To These 15 Things

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I'm just going to come clean and admit it — I am a Disney person. It's probably not a shocker at all if you've met me before. I'm always wearing a Disney sweater, daydreaming about churros, and I'm not completely caught up on all current events, but I can tell you when Toy Story Land is opening at Walt Disney World (It's June 30, by the way.). I've been a Disney lover my whole life, but I know I'm not alone. There are so many fans out there who are just like me, and people who love Disney can totally relate.

Some people are fans of the movies, the music, the parks, or all of the above. With how big Disney is, it's pretty easy to find something to fall in love with. Though, once you're hooked, you're seriously hooked. I know that it's just easier for me to relate to my fellow Disney lovers. We speak the same language of Disney song lyrics and movie quotations. We crave the same foods of Mickey ice cream and churros. We even live the same "Hakuna Matata" kind of life while still wanting "adventure in the great wide somewhere." To all of my fellow Disney lovers out there, these 15 things will definitely have you saying, "same."

You've Found Your Disney Crew

When you find someone who loves Disney just as much as you, it's like finding your missing puzzle piece. Honestly, it feels like the moment in The Parent Trap when they realize they are sisters. You're able to finally just be your Disney-loving self with absolutely no filter.

You See Hidden Mickeys Literally Everywhere

You've become such an expert at finding hidden Mickeys, that now you spot them in the real world. It's just a coincidence the bagels in the office kitchen look like Mickey Mouse, but you really can't help but point it out to everyone who walks by (and posting a picture on the 'Gram).

You're Probably Craving Some Dole Whip Right Now

If I could, I would eat that pineapple soft serve every single day of my life. It never lets me down, always puts a smile on my face, and tastes so refreshing. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

You Dress Like A Disney Character On The Reg Without Even Realizing It
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DisneyBound is all about dressing like your favorite Disney characters in a very subtle way. You've worn a blue shirt with a yellow skirt to work like nothing was up. Only true Disney fans would know from that combo that you're channeling your inner Snow White. This dress code just comes second nature to you, and sometimes you follow it without even realizing it.

When A Disney Movie Becomes Available On Netflix, You Watch It ASAP

You have a field day whenever a new Disney movie pops up on Netflix. They're fun to put on when you're getting ready in the morning, when you're relaxing after a long day at work, and when you're just chilling with your pooch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You're Already Planning Your Next Trip To The Parks

You may have just finished a Disney vacation, but you're wondering when you'll make it back again. You really just can't get enough of it. I will admit, I also open the Disney apps all the time to check wait times of my favorite rides — it's totally normal behavior.

You Want To Meet A Disney Imagineer, Because You Have A Dope Idea For A Ride At The Parks

Disney Imagineers are the ones who bring us all of those amazing rides at the parks from Splash Mountain to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. You know the park is always expanding and growing, so you have some ideas for when you finally meet someone in charge.

It's Hard To Choose, But You Do Have Your Favorite Movie

You've been asked time and time again what your favorite Disney movie is. It's an unbelievably difficult question to answer, but you do have one film above the rest that has always held a special place in your heart. So, you're ready to answer that question when it inevitably comes.

You Follow So Many Disney Instagram Accounts

When you're not at the parks, you live vicariously through Instagram. There are so many different Disney Instas for the food, the Disneybound outfits, the new merch available, the rides, the history, and even the cats who watch over Disneyland. There's literally an Instagram for everything, and you follow them all.

Wearing Minnie Mouse Ears, Just Because, Isn't Strange To You

Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears are the real MVPs. In fact, I'm guilty of owning more Mickey ears than I can count. They just keep coming out with more, and I need them all.

You Know All Of The Words To "Part Of Your World"

We're all friends here, so it's OK to admit that you have the lyrics to "Part Of Your World" memorized like the back of your hand. It may even be your go-to karaoke jam. We've all lifted ourselves up while belting out the song like we are Ariel sitting on that rock.

You've Named Your Pets After Disney Characters

I had a hamster named Snow White and a cat named Tinker Bell. I know a thing or two about naming pets after Disney characters. Why wouldn't you name your favorite fur baby after your favorite animated character? It's just perfection.

You Still Don't Really Know The Words To "Circle Of Life," But You Go For It Anyway

Everyone kind of interprets the begining of "Circle of Life" in their own way. You've tried learning it like a boss, but as long as it sounds similar enough, people will know what you're singing. Especially if you've also held your cat or pup up like they're Simba and you're Rafiki while you're singing, people will totally get it.

You Know Forks Are Really Just Dinglehoppers

I mean, Scuttle may have been onto something there. It does work nicely when you need to comb out some knots, and you can't find your actual hair brush anywhere.

You Know Disney Isn't Just For Kids

There's something magical for everyone when it comes to Disney. Anyone who tries to argue with you is just a pirate who grew up too quickly. Disney truly is for anyone who believes in fun, family, fantasy, fireworks, and a happily ever after.