What Disney Princess You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If you’re anything like me, Disney princesses were your first heroes. Growing up, I’d wile away the days watching Disney movies and daydream about being one. I wanted to be as brave as Mulan, as adventurous as Ariel, as kind as Cinderella, and as fierce as Jasmine. Without fail, I wanted to dress up as one every Halloween and whenever I visited Disneyland with my family, my sole concern was always to meet every single princess there that day. These were some extraordinary women and I was totally enchanted by their strength, as I’m sure most of us were. This is why it’s so necessary to talk about which Disney princess you are, according to your zodiac sign, because no matter when you were born, each of us are totally princesses at heart.

There’s a chance you might feel slighted because your favorite princess belongs to another sign. Totally understandable! I mean, my favorite princess will always be Mulan, even though I’m not the zodiac sign that she’s been matched with. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and admire her unstoppable, devoted nature. You can always learn something important from each sign in the zodiac and other signs can always learn something from yours.

Just like the Disney princesses, we’re all in this together.

Aries: Jasmine

Jasmine is fearless, unafraid of standing up to her enemies and fighting for what she believes in. She can also be a bit impulsive when making decisions because she always follows her gut. Like a typical Aries, she's a natural leader, participating in political disputes throughout her kingdom and sacrificing her own comfort for the good of the people.

Taurus: Pocahontas

Pocahontas cares deeply about the natural world. From the wind to the riverbanks, she's highly in tune with every living creature in the forest, making her mark on the world with all five senses. She trusts the ground beneath her, which is an intrinsic Taurus quality. She's also headstrong and will stop at nothing to protect her loved ones.

Gemini: Rapunzel

Rapunzel has an insatiable desire to be free from the confines of her tower and to learn new things, making her a pure Gemini. No matter how much she's been taught to fear the outside world, she's not afraid to step outside her comfort zone and explore the world. Living her life in solitude without ever experiencing anything new is the last thing she wants.

Cancer: Snow White

Snow White's maternal energy is something to be reckoned with, making her an obvious Cancer. She takes care of all seven dwarfs and several creatures in her forest with the utmost kindness. She thrives when she's surrounded by loved ones, in a home that never ceases to welcome her. She'll also stop at nothing to make sure everyone feels loved.

Leo: Merida

Merida is fiery, strong-willed, and courageous beyond belief. She's prideful of her abilities as an archer and enjoys astonishing everyone with her indisputable skills, definitely making her a Leo. She's unruly, wild, and cannot be boxed in by any traditional ideas of what a woman is supposed to be. She can't help but stand out wherever she goes.

Virgo: Elsa

Elsa knows what needs to be done to protect her loved ones, which is why she grows distant and reserved from the world due to her powers. Only a Virgo could commit to such a noble sacrifice. She's also highly detail-oriented, able to build an intricately designed castle by simply waving her hands and unleashing her powers.

Libra: Cinderella

Cinderella carries herself with grace and poise, treating everyone, even her enemies, with respect. This makes her a Libra, without question. Her ability to balance her emotions and stay strong only reinforces this fact. Even though she's experienced endless abuse at the hands of her family, she manages to stay positive and find beauty in her day-to-day life.

Scorpio: Mulan

Mulan's love and loyalty to her family runs as deep as it can possibly go. She's willing to put herself in harm's way and impersonate a soldier just to protect her father. She doesn't even stop there: The woman saves all of China from the Huns. It's inarguable that she's a Scorpio, letting nothing stand in her heart's way, even the traditional confines of womanhood.

Sagittarius: Ariel

Ariel is consumed with a desire for adventure, needing to explore the great unknown. She's difficult to pin down and her personality is much too big to simply be an obedient princess. This makes her, hands down, a Sagittarius. She's willing to sacrifice her voice to a sea witch just so she can see the human world and meet the man of her dreams.

Capricorn: Tiana

Tiana is hard-working, ambitious, and strategic when going after her dreams. She's consumed by her goal of opening her own restaurant, making her a Capricorn through and through. She understands that you can't get by on dreams alone and you need to put in the time and effort in order to make them come true.

Aquarius: Belle

Belle is intellectual, a voracious reader, and eccentric to the point that most people in her village find her strange. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, however, and finds happiness through her own independence. This makes her a true Aquarius. Her values are strong and her vision for how the world can be is revolutionary.

Pisces: Aurora

Aurora is deeply romantic and moves through the world as if in a daydream. She communicates with the creatures in her forest, dancing, singing, and falling in love. How much more Pisces can she get? Her sensitivity and empathy runs deep, making her kind and gentle with everyone she meets.