People Who Hate The Heat Really Can't Stand These 10 Things

by Tessa Harvey

No matter how brutal it may be, there are some people who just prefer the ice cold depths of winter. If that's you, you know why — you just really, really despise hot temperatures. Don't worry, because you're not really alone. There are a lot of people who hate the heat. While some people prefer the surf and sand, and basking in the sunshine all day long, you like your days better spent ice skating and building snowmen.

People who like the heat really just don't get it. Sure, even to you, summer seems fun in theory. But then you actually start experiencing summer, and well, it's just not quite what you thought it was. Like, for example, sitting on the beach sipping on something fruity sounds fun. It also looks really fun in Instagram pictures. But once you set up your towel, you find sitting in the sand to be the actual worst. I mean, how long are you expected to sit there feeling all sticky and sweaty? And that's OK; the heat really isn't for everyone.

Since you're someone who doesn't like the sizzling sun beating down on you, you know there are some things that people who hate the heat just can't stand. In fact, these 10 things will probably speak to you on another level.

When You Literally Cannot Get A Good Night's Sleep In The Summer

One of the worst parts of summer for you is being unable to get a good night's sleep. It's a mandatory requirement to your functionality as a human being, and this summer thing is really messing up your snooze time. You spend your nights flipping the pillow back and forth trying to find the new cooler side. When the air conditioning is off, it is the actual worst.

That Slight Humidity Halo Of Frizz

In the winter, you're the coolest. Your hair looks super sleek, and your style game is just so on point. Then, there's summer. No matter what you do, you always seem to lose the battle of a great hair day to summer humidity. And you know that summer frizz takes no days off.

Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night, Sweating

As if you needed to deal with any more problems at night beside finding the cool side of the pillow, you also get to deal with waking up sweating. You hate it, naturally, almost as much as you do summer itself.

Also, Sweating Without Even Moving

This has got to be one of your biggest reasons on the summer cons list. I mean, seriously, when has winter ever caused a steady dribble of sweat to form at your hairline without you even moving?! What the heck, heat... give us a break here!

Literally Any Car Seats

It doesn't matter if they're leather or not — they're straight up awful. It also doesn't matter how short the car ride is. At the end of it, you're either peeling your legs off of a now sweaty carseat, or feeling way too hot after being enveloped in what's basically a blanket.

When There Are No Ice Cubes In The Fridge

Let's be honest, this is probably a pet peeve of yours year-round, but especially in the summer. I mean, you're really just trying to cool off, save yourself from the sweltering weather, so you go to fridge to grab some ice cubes, only to find no one refilled them. Talk about a way to ruin your day.

People Who Don't Use AC

You love your friends more than anything, but if they think you're going to come over and hang out in their AC-less place, they're gonna have to think again. Don't even get you started on your favorite restaurant who won't turn the AC higher — that place is dead to you in the summertime.

Driving With The Windows Down

Sure, yeah, this looked so cool in all of your fave the movies. And it's fun for awhile. Then, all of a sudden, you've got frizzy hair in your eyes, and you're wondering whose idea this was to begin with.

When All Of Your Clothes Start To Feel Permanently Sticky

In the summer, the real question is: when don't your clothes feel kind of, sort of... sticky? You're pretty sure they start that way from the moment you put them on. The struggle is all too real.

Hot Coffee

When it comes down to it, you really just prefer your coffee iced. It's so much more refreshing that way. Even the winter is fair game for a large cup of your favorite brew, iced. Sipping on a piping hot cup of Joe in the summer is just never going to happen.