People On Twitter Are Sharing The Most Obvious Signs Of Being Single & You'll LOL

If you're single, it's easy to feel overlooked by Valentine's Day and all that comes with it. Whether you're at the grocery store floral department, watching TV, or out shopping at the mall, you'll notice plenty of V-Day signage and tons of couples all loved up on every corner. But that doesn't mean it has to get to you. Far too many people associate being single with being bitter or sad, and that just isn't the case. In fact, being single is empowering AF, which is what this Twitter hashtag about the most obvious signs of being single shows perfectly.

On Monday, a Twitter roundup of the hashtag #SignsYouAreSingle went viral, and the tweets are seriously hilarious. It's proof that Valentine's Day doesn't have to be solely about celebrating relationships, but also about celebrating all the hilarious moments and major accomplishments that come with being single and thriving.

Being single absolutely does not mean that you can't have fun on Valentine's Day. Truth be told, being single any day of the year is a really great thing. You have more time for yourself, your hobbies, and your friends, and that's something we should celebrate every day of the year. So, who's down to make February 15 All The Single Ladies Day?

These people are!

Listen, relationships are great and all, but if you feel strongly about the way toilet paper should be hung, and your partner feels differently, you're just asking for trouble. Being single, and being able to hang the toilet paper however you want to, honestly sounds like a dream come true.

Ugh, spreading out on your own dang bed with ample room for your phone, water bottle, pets, remote, and whatever else is a luxury that isn't talked about enough, to be honest.

Sure, for some people, being single (especially on and around Valentine's Day), can be difficult. But there's a new wave on the horizon, y'all. Between Galentine's Day, taking the time to embrace self-care practices, and just owning your bad *ss single self, being single any day of the year is a gift!

However, there's no hurt quite like being hit in the feels by a video streaming service... Ouch, Prime.

There are a lot of perks to being single. You don't have to think about someone else's schedule before making plans, you don't have to consider anyone but yourself when making major life choices, and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, without compromising. All you have to worry about is yourself, so enjoy this time of your life.

If you have free time, take advantage of the candy sales, hit the spa, order your favorite take out, and have a night in. Or grab your best friends, get dolled up, and hit the town. Being single can mean whatever you want it to mean, and enjoying the little things that come with being single is all part of the experience. Take advantage, because you deserve to know and wholeheartedly understand that the only person you really need is you.