Papa John's' Heart-Shaped Pizzas Will Let You Be Cheesy In The Best Way This Valentine's Day

Papa John's

There are very few things in this world that show your love quite like a pizza pie, unless, of course, it's a pizza pie that's molded into the shape of a heart. And if you think you might be looking to show the love of your life just how much you appreciate them on the most romantic day of the year, Papa John's' heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day 2019 is totally where it's at. For real, though, it's the tastiest (and cheesiest) display of affection that I quite literally crave all day, everyday.

Whether you're looking for ways to woo your boo or if you simply want to kick back to get in on some #SelfLovin' on Feb. 14, look no further than the one and only Papa John's. The famous pizza chain will be selling its heart-shaped pies — once again — for a very limited time, between Wednesday, Feb. 7, and Wednesday, Feb. 14, according to Papa John's. And lucky for you, they will be widely available at all Papa John’s restaurants nationwide. I'm so down.

Anyway, if you think you might be interested in getting one of these this Valentine's Day, you can order your heart-shaped pizza by phone, on the Papa John's website, on the Papa John's app, through their Facebook page, or simply by asking Alexa, according to the pizza chain. A one-topping heart-shaped pie on its own will cost you $11, and you can add a Double Chocolate Brownie for $4 more, coming out to $16. Throw in a sexy bottle of wine from your bar cart and it's the culinary date of my dreams. It's all up to you, babe.

Papa John's

Wow y'all how good does that look? There is absolutely nothing I love more than cheese and chocolate... especially if I'm gorging on both in the same meal. I am speechless.

Anyway, if you don't happen to have a Papa John's restaurant in your neighborhood, don't fret — you're not totally SOL. In fact, you'll also be able to get your hands on a heart-shaped pie at California Pizza Kitchen this V-Day, too. The casual dining chain praised for their artisan pies will be selling their version of heart-shaped pizzas between Wednesday, Feb. 13 and Sunday, Feb. 17. They will be available for both dine-in and take-out at participating locations. Keep in mind, however, that it will not be available if you decide to order through a third-party delivery service. So bottom line: Seamless and Postmates definitely will not be an option.

Maybe you're using the day of love to propose to the person you love, or you might be trying to impress that cute guy or gal from your psych class. There's also a chance — on the other hand — that you're looking to simply stay in with your cat and eat to your heart's content. Either way, Papa John's heart-shaped pie is a total classic staple of every Valentine's Day celebration, and it's pretty much guaranteed to make the day of love perfectly cheesy.