Panera Is Testing Double Bread Bowls, & They’re Perfect For Date Night


Get ready to take your next date night to Lady and the Tramp levels, because you're actually going to want to share your bites with bae once Panera's newest menu item is available. That's right: As of August 5, Panera is testing Double Bread Bowls, and romantics are understandably shook. Whether you're giving yourself some self-love by tackling two adjoining bowls of broccoli cheddar and mac and cheese solo (Hey, you deserve it), or splitting the loaf of doughy goodness with your S.O., it's definitely the way to go.

According to Bustle, the Double Bread Bowls will become available in just a few days, so carb lovers should start blocking their calendars now. From August 5 through August 31, the newest menu item will be available at participating cafés and through Panera delivery, so you're going to want to try them while they're around.

If this all sounds too good to be true, unfortunately it is (well, sort of). As Panera's Double Bread Bowls are in the "testing" phase, they will only be rolled out at a few of the chain's locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you happen to live near Philadelphia or are planning a trip there during the month of August, here's what you should know about scoring double the carb-filled deliciousness. If they do well, Panera's Double Bread Bowls could potentially make their way to the permanent menu nationwide, which means the rest of us can enjoy them as well and live out our best date night goals. TBH, is there anything that sets the mood quite like a carb bonanza?

If you happen to live in Philadelphia and you're trying to share a bread bowl with that special someone far from the prying eyes of other customers, there are some specific delivery options to keep in mind. Per Delish, the Panera rep says when placing an online order, you should "add an unsliced sourdough loaf to their cart and add 'make the sourdough a double bread bowl' in the special instructions." From there, pick your filling, and you're just one step closer to enjoying your Netflix and Chill with a loaf of bread.

If you're feeling pretty bummed out that you and bae are too far away from Philadelphia to participate in a next-level date night, I wouldn't lose hope just yet. If you remember, Panera's Bacon Mac and Cheese — which became a permanent menu item in July — was once on the testing block as well, and look how well that all turned out. Something tells me that the Double Bread Bowls will also do well during the probationary phase (I mean, how could they not?), which means that you could be digging into your very own double-sided sourdough loaf sooner than expected. According to Delish, a Panera rep confirmed that yes, there's definitely a "potential nationwide launch in the future" if all goes well. Um, yes.

In the meantime, Panera is keeping all the goodies coming with cheese everything, and I'm so here for it. Not only is the Bacon Mac and Cheese now available, but the fast food chain is also offering a Baja version topped with avocado, pico de gallo, and cilantro. And while the sourdough loaf with two cut-outs is currently off the table unless you're in Philly, you can still enjoy all the carbs with a Four Cheese Grilled Cheese or, my personal favorite, the Modern Caprese Sandwich. OK, they're no Double Bread Bowl, but I have a feeling that any of these options would score you some major points on date night.