This Overnight "Detox" Dry Shampoo Will Give You Your Freshest Roots Ever

Kaia Naturals

Have you ever decided to skip your regularly scheduled shampoo thinking your hair can go unwashed one more day, only to wake up with Danny Zuko level grease? Thanks to an ingenious new overnight shampoo, your oily morning woes are about to be a thing of the past. It's game-changing formula and brilliant packaging ensure you'll awaken to fresh AF roots, and the fact that it's natural and eco-friendly only sweetens the deal. Get ready for your happiest hair ever courtesy of The Takesumi Detox.

The dry shampoo was created by Kaia Naturals, which, as their name suggest, is dedicated to offering healthy beauty products that won't compromise your health. As their website puts it, "health and wellness does not end with healthy food." Kaia Naturals makes all of their products with non-toxic ingredients that can be used on sensitive skin and also help remove toxins and impurities, which allows their customers "to cleanse and detoxify with peace of mind." Pretty rad, right? Taking the brand's existing ethos into account, I immediately knew their new dry shampoo offering was going to be something special. But after reading all of the ways it's a step above other dry shampoos I can honestly say it's revolutionary so far as that specific product type goes.

The first obvious detail about the product that sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that you use it overnight rather than in the morning. As explained in a press release from Kaia Naturals, "Oil production on the scalp occurs most predominantly overnight. That's why we've developed a dry shampoo that works to prevent and combat oil while you sleep." Makes total sense, right? As the press release continues, mornings are actually the least effective time to use dry shampoo, seeing as you typically only leave it in for a few minutes before brushing your hair. When you run a brush through your hair 60-80 percent of the dry shampoo actually comes back out before it has time to actually do its job.

Along with its instructed leave-in time, The Takesumi Detox's actual bottle also helps to combat this waste of product. Most aerosol hair products contain 60-90 percent harmful propellant gasses, meaning they include only 40 percent or less of actual product. (It's like when potato chips bags are only filled one-third of the way with actual chip. WTF?) But this new overnight shampoo uses new technology that negates the need for harmful propellants, meaning each bottle contains 100 percent product.

Kaia Naturals

Kaia Naturals Takesumi Dry Shampoo- Brunette, $32, Amazon

But what's the product itself contain, you ask? Detoxifying activated charcoal serves as the crux of its formula, which, as you likely know, has been a superhero of ingredients within the beauty sphere as of late. Products for hair, teeth, and skin featuring the charcoal can now be found in droves thanks to it's pore refining, whitening, and purifying effects. "This revolutionary product uses activated charcoal and time-activated ingredients to absorb oil, sweat and odor while you sleep," says Kaia Naturals of their own charcoal-powered product. "Wake up to hair that looks, smells and feels like you just hopped out of the shower."

Kaia Naturals

Kaia Naturals Takesumi Dry Shampoo- Blonde, $32, Amazon

All you have to do to use the product is give the bottle a good shake, spray it into the roots of your hair, and leave it in for a minimum of four hours without brushing your hair. It's literally that easy. The dry shampoo comes in two shades, blonde and brunette, so you don't have to worry about having visible flacks of it in your hair. At $32, it's a steal when you consider you'll get a product that's exponentially more effective than normal dry shampoos. Grease and oil, begone.