Outdoor Voices Is Slashing Athleisure Prices Up To 50 Percent Off, But It Won't Last Long

If you're still killing the game at accomplishing your workout goals for 2019, I applaud you. It can be so easy to get discouraged about staying active when there are so many other things vying for your attention on your to-do list. Even though it's still early in the new year, all progress and personal growth is worth celebrating, so Outdoor Voices' January 2019 sale is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something fun and stay motivated to get stronger than ever.

One of the things I love most about exercise apparel is that it's not just for the gym (thank you, athleisure trend). On the coldest nights in winter, there's nothing better than pulling on my softest pair of leggings and a fleecy fitness hoodie, and doing absolutely nothing active. Whether you're an exercise fanatic or just love the comfy vibes of wearing stretchy clothes as often as possible, the Outdoor Voices sale has you covered. From now through Jan. 13, tons of super cute and super functional items are on sale for up to 50 percent off, so if you have any money from relatives over the holidays and it's burning a hole in your pocket, this is your chance to snag some quality activewear at a huge discount.

As you're scrolling through row after row of Outdoor Voices' signature clean, aesthetic clothing, just keep in mind that the terms of this special sale state that everything is considered final sale, so don't count on being able to return or exchange anything later.

A sports bra that's so soft, you could sleep in it

Whether you opt to buy this super comfy sports bra in a more muted color or throw caution to the wind and order it in the cotton candy-ish "super bloom," this bra is sure to stretch and move with you through any workout.

Leggings to keep sweat at bay

If you're on a tight schedule, then you probably want workout leggings that will keep you feeling secure during your time at the gym, and are cute enough to wear to dinner afterward. These two-tone leggings are not only versatile in different environments, but can also transition between wicking away moisture in the summer and keeping your leg muscles toasty during a winter workout.

A dress to channel your inner Serena Williams

Not every workout needs the security of a tight sports bra and form-fitting leggings. Sometimes, a stroll on the treadmill while listening to a fantastic podcast is the vibe you're feeling, and this adorably preppy polo dress is perfect for keeping you covered with the attached bike shorts, but it still keeps things a little flowier than usual.

Shorts that will *actually* stay in place

Finding the perfect pair of workout shorts is kind of like finding the perfect bra: When you find a good one, you buy a couple of them so you never have to wrestle with something ill-fitting again. Not only do these shorts eliminate the need to hike them up after every squat, they also have a handy little pocket in the waistband that's perfect for stowing away your keys or some chapstick.

The perfect top for downward dog

Tiny sports bras can be very cute, and flowy tank tops are great for staying cool, but sometimes, when you're in the middle of a yoga class and your head is somewhere between your knees, you might want a little extra coverage so that you can zen out without having to think about adjusting anything. That's where this crop top comes in. Besides having a unique take on the recent camo trend, this extra-long sports bra will ensure nothing pops out, flies up, or otherwise takes away from your focus.