This Hot Dog-Flavored Ice Cream Sandwich Will Make You Question Everything

Courtesy Of Oscar Mayer

I'm somewhat of a stickler when it comes to ice cream — sweet, classic flavors like vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, and cookie dough are my usual go-to choices. However, in the last several years, unique (and sometimes savory) ice cream varieties have gained tremendous popularity, and to be quite honest, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. To give you a better idea of what I'm referring to, Oscar Mayer's Ice Dog Sandwich is hot dog-flavored, and I don't know about you, but I'm truly shocked.

On Thursday, Aug. 1, popular packaged meat company Oscar Mayer made a pretty shocking announcement — the brand praised for its classic hot dogs and deli meats partnered with New York City's hand-made ice cream company, il laboratorio del gelato, according to Oscar Mayer, to create an Ice Dog Sandwich. Yes, it's an ice cream sandwich with actual pieces of hot dog in it, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, to be frank (LOL, get it?). Although, I am always up for something new!

Anyway, according to the brand, the Ice Dog Sandwich takes a classic Oscar Meyer wiener, infuses it into ice cream, and tops it all off with real bits of candied Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. And like every classic ice cream sandwich, it's served between two cookies (aka its bun, LOL) with a side of spicy dijon gelato, which is giving me some real mustard ice cream vibes.

The creation is being introduced in honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day on Friday, Aug. 2, according to the brand, and if you're wondering whether I'm going to try one for myself, the answer is, "probably not." I mean, really — a Chipwich is more my speed. But, I must admit this creation is definitely made for the 'Gram, and heck, I might even cave and try the tiniest nibble.

Courtesy Of Oscar Mayer

The Ice Dog Sandwich may sound strange, but she sure is photogenic.

Those who are brave enough to taste the undeniably different ice cream sandwich, however, will be able to live out their wildest and meatiest dreams the week of Monday, Aug. 12. The iconic Wienermobile will be cruising through Manhattan streets, and once it comes to stop, the drivers of the truck, (known as Hotdoggers), will be doling out samples of the infamous sandwich to hungry New Yorkers. "Bone apple teeth," as they say.

For those who aren't based in New York City (but still want to try the unusual ice cream sammie) the brand tweeted instructions to try one for yourself.

"Yes, this is real! Want to try it? DM us to find out how," the cryptic tweet reads. Guess you'll have to find out what that means on your own time. Good luck.

Like I said, growing up, I never would have seen this coming. A hot dog and mustard-flavored ice cream sandwich? A few years back, I thought bubblegum was too strange an ice cream flavor. Maybe I'm behind on the times, or maybe meat-flavored ice cream is the future. Either way, though, this has definitely caught my attention. It's doggone wild.