The Old Navy $1 Dolla Balla Flip Flop Sale Is Back & Comes With A Chance To Win $24K

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Courtesy of Old Navy

Given that I spent my formative years growing up by the beach (Jersey Shore, baby!), I've gone through my fair share of flip flops over the years. Because of this, nothing thrills me quite as much as the news that Old Navy's $1 Dolla Balla Flip Flop Sale 2019 is back. What can I say, I love a good deal on a flip flop! And the chance to stock up for cheap during Old Navy's sale is unbeatable, so you bet your bottom dollar I'm using mine to buy some sandals.

Chances are, you've heard of this massive sale before, but if not, I'll provide further explanation. When Old Navy put their simple, reliable flip flops on mega-sale for just a dollar back in 2005, they didn't expect the massive response they ultimately received. That said, Shoppers went wild and bought as many flip flops as they possibly could, and the sales event's iconic status was solidified. Old Navy has brought it back every year since, and for 2019, they've decided to up the ante and make the sale even better than ever before.

Lay it on me, Old Navy! I'm about to "flip" out for this sale!

Courtesy of Old Navy

So, here's the deal. The sale will last one day only, and that day is Saturday, June 15. Set an alarm, people! You can shop both online and in stores, and there will be limits to how many pairs you can buy either way. Shoppers can buy five pairs of flip flops max with every online order, and ten pairs max when shopping in an Old Navy Store.

As usual, the sale is limited to select flip flop styles, aka the solid colors. This year's range looks pretty great!

I spy navy, lilac, sunshine yellow, dark teal, bright coral, true turquoise, and periwinkle blue. Way to nail the summer color palette, Old Navy!

And even more exciting, shoppers online and in stores can snag their $1 flippies for absolutely free with any purchase of $24 or more before noon:

Courtesy of Old Navy

In addition to the flip flop sale, Old Navy is launching something new to give their dedicated shoppers the chance to win big — like, $24K magic big.

The 24K sweepstakes will revolve around a hunt for the golden flip flop:

Courtesy of Old Navy

If you want to enter online, you can head over to the sweepstakes on the Old Navy site when the competition begins at 12AM Pt on June 15, aka the same day as the $1 Dolla Balla Flip Flop Sale. Online shoppers must hunt for the golden flip flops by browsing through the site's product pages, and if they find them, they'll be able to enter to win the money, and will also receive a code for 24% off just by going to the sweepstakes homepage. If you want to enter by shopping in-store, you can head to your local Old Navy on June 15 and sweep the store in search of golden flip flops that the employees will have hidden throughout the store. If you find them, you can tell a sales associate and receive a $24 coupon for future purchases, info on how to sign up for entry into the sweepstakes, and a 24% off code to save even more coin after you enter. Love that!

If I won the $24K, I'd low-key use it to buy 24,000 flip flops, but that's just me:

Courtesy of Old Navy

Shout out to Old Navy for bringing back this iconic sale, and best of luck to anyone attempting to win the 24K sweepstakes. I've got my fingers crossed for you!

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