These Skeleton "Bone" Dog Biscuits Are Halloween Treats Fit For A Pup

Courtesy of Old Mother Hubbard

The scariest night of the year is less than two months away, which means it's time to start stocking up on all of the Halloween candy you can store in your cupboards — or, for fur parents, all the goodies for your fur baby. While all your favorite chocolates, caramels, and nougats are no-nos for your four-legged friend, Old Mother Hubbard’s Creepy Crunchers dog treats are a scary-cute way for your pup to get in on the snack vibes of the season. Get ready for your dog to perform all the tricks for these spooky treats, because Howl-o-ween 2019 looks like it's about to be a tasty one.

Temperatures might still be in the 80s, but I'm mentally starting to replace pool days and patio season bites and sips with everything that comes with the spookiest time of the year. So, while the official start of fall is still a few days away, you can catch me browsing the Nightmare Before Christmas-themed kitchenware collection and the terrifying ghoulish succulents at Target, shopping for pooch-approved Halloween costumes, and yes, getting ready to stock up on some festive treats for my fur baby. If you're ready to channel your inner witch and let your pup get in on the spirit of the season, I know from experience that you'll want to get something for your dog to munch on while you're gorging yourself on all the Halloween candy.

That's why I was pretty excited to learn about the Creepy Crunchers dog biscuits from Old Mother Hubbard, which promises to make your fur baby's All Hallow's Eve all treat and no trick. According to press materials, the mini bites — which are shaped like mini bones with some skeletal details to make them extra festive — are available in the company's P-Nuttier flavor that your dog might have already tried from some of the brand's other offerings. The best part is that the treat's savory and sweet elements come from a list of premium, all-natural ingredients, including peanut butter, apples, oatmeal, carrots, egg, and cane molasses. The mixture is then baked in the oven to give the treat a crunch that your pup will love while also helping to keep his or her teeth and gums clean, per press materials.

While the brand is all about being transparent about the all-natural ingredients found in the snacks with an all treat, no trick approach, something tells me that any pups who love peanut butter won't be able to resist performing some tricks of their own to score one of these bites. Halloween isn't until the end of next month, but I saw that boxes of the Creepy Crunchers are already on sale at for $3.49 and Target for $2.99 if you and your four-legged bestie are ready to jump the gun on the holiday and get some spooky snacking in early, Howl-o-ween style. Pro tip: I'd definitely recommend grabbing something festive for yourself to nibble on so that you don't feel left out when your pup is chowing down on these peanut butter-infused goodies. Happy munching!