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These Zodiac Signs Will Have A Tough Time The Week Of October 28


Astrology is so much more than liking clever memes about your zodiac sign and studying your crush's birth chart. At its core, astrology is here to help you navigate the difficulties of life, practice self-awareness, and grow beyond what you've been given. When the cosmos put you through a tough time, there's always something to learn from it. Open your mind, because October 28, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Gemini, and Virgo.

Despite this news, I don't want you to think a wave of bad energy is headed your way. It's simply that Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will station retrograde on Oct. 31, giving the spookiness of Halloween a whole new meaning. Even though this transit is famous for conversations gone awry, chance meetings with exes, and contracts you should never have signed, don't believe the hype. Mercury retrograde is not the end of the world.

Even though things tend to slow down during Mercury Rx, think of it as a welcome relief from the constant pressure of having to keep going. Mercury retrograde is a time to reevaluate, reconsider, and review everything that has come and gone. There may be loose ends from your past dangling over you, and Mercury Rx is an opportunity to tie them up. Try to work on what's already going on in your life instead of jumping onto the next pursuit.

Without further ado, here's what these zodiac signs have coming:


Aries: Emotional Attachments From Your Past Are Resurfacing

This may be quite the heart-wrenching Mercury retrograde, as it occurs in your eighth house of sex, death, and intimacy. There may be secrets that reveal themselves during this time and the truth could feel startling. There could even be too much emotional energy from a past situation resurfacing, dragging you back under its spell. Now's the time for you to cut ties and move on once and for all. You deserve closure, but remember, closure cannot be given to you. That closure you seek is found within you.

Gemini: You Could Feel Incredibly Scatterbrained And Tired

Mercury retrograde always throws you for a serious loop because Mercury is your ruling planet. Luckily, this ain't your first rodeo, but it's important you be aware it could take a toll on your health and overall routine. All the ways in which you haven't been taking care of yourself and have been letting chaos spew in the process will be revealed to you. This is an excellent time to identify and work on banishing bad habits. Address your mental, spiritual, and physical health, as you may be working too hard and neglecting your innate needs.

Virgo: Communication Blunders Could Make Things Awkward

When Mercury is your ruling planet, its retrograde is always next level inconvenient. Unfortunately, this is the boat you're in, but it's not a sinking ship. It's merely that this retrograde happens in your communication house, making this a majorly confusing time that may be rife with missed connections and factual oversights. Make sure you think twice before speaking and really double check any fine print. Don't overthink everything that's been said and left unsaid, as communication is currently foggier for you than it usually is. Use this strangeness to help you address your approach to tense conversations.