These 3 Signs Will Have The Best Week & They'll Feel The Power

I won't lie to you: I absolutely adore water signs, and I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for my bias. Perhaps it's because my moon is in Pisces and my rising is in Cancer. Maybe it's because there is so much emotional revelation under a water sign's guidance. Regardless, the fact that Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all in dark, gloomy, and passionate Scorpio is giving my soul the resurgence it's been craving. If you're feeling it too, then we're on the same page, and as of October 15, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces. And, you should take comfort in the fact that if your rising sign happens to fall under any of the following, the cosmos will affect you just as deeply.

And, let's not forget that we're still dazzling under the gorgeous prism of Libra season. As the sun continues to travel through the most balancing zodiac sign of them all, we're powering along a journey towards harmony and fairness. It's time to reconcile your extremes, replenish your emotional spectrum, and find a way to see everything from a different perspective. With the shadows from Scorpio and the light from Libra, this week is bound together with understanding.

Libra: No One Can Steal That Crown From You, Baby

There's still a little over a week left of Libra season, and although I'm sure you're scrambling to live it up as much as you possibly can (you are an air sign, after all), this last week might just be the most important part of your yearly journey.

As Mercury shifts into your second house of finance and self-worth, your perspective is geared toward building yourself from the ground up. Because your solar return is always about thanking yourself for everything you've been through in the last year, honoring your accomplishments, and looking towards the future, you're already in the process of starting your next journey. And, since Venus — your ruling planet — has been in retrograde, allowing yourself time for meaningful reflection and spiritual encouragement will bring you all the growth you've been hoping for.

Scorpio: You're A Mysterious And Dynamic Force Of Nature

It may be Libra season, but the cosmos are clearly getting anxious for the sun to finally enter Scorpio. Now that Mercury and Venus are both in your first house of the self, you're being flooded by mystical energy and zapped by unbelievable electricity. Although Venus retrograde has been causing you to look inward and overanalyze every detail about yourself to the point of insecurity, the cosmos are shifting in a way that builds your confidence back to your ultimate power.

Do yourself a favor and start putting that dark, investigative, and covert mind of yours to work. Remember, Mercury governs over your cognitive functions and your ability to process information. You may just feel reawakened by your natural intelligence this week. Use it to dominate the world.

Pisces: You'll Vibe With The Cosmic Energy So Much

Although Chiron — the wounded healer — has been encouraging you to face your fears and hold your hand as you journey through major transformation, the cosmic energy will uplift you this week.

As of Oct. 19, Mercury will form a magical, imaginative, and dreamy trine with Neptune, your ruling planet. This is bound to connect your intellectual mind with your emotional center, allowing your brain and your heart to work together seamlessly. Even if the rest of the world is being tossed into the wind, you'll feel steadied and calmed in the eye of the storm. There's a strong chance that everything will simply feel just "right" in the universe, and your perspective will show it.