These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & It's A Beautiful Opportunity

October is the most mystical month of the entire year for so many reasons. One of them being that the sun spends the majority of the month in Libra, showering your universe with beauty, social excitement, human understanding, and most important of all: Balance. Libra captures everything that autumn is about. After a wild and powerful summer where energy ran rampant, it's now time to find harmony within. And, if you've ever met a Libra, you'd know that this season will no doubt be brimming with thrills. Fortunately, these thrills are bound together by a delicate grace that only a Libra could muster. Take all of this to heart when I say that as of October 1, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Cancer, and Libra. If your rising sign falls under any of the following, you'll be just as soothed by the sparkling vibes in the air.

Even though Venus — Libra's ruling planet — will be playing a so not funny joke on the universe and enter retrograde on October 5, 2018, the cosmos are making sure that these three zodiac signs will find pleasure and gorgeousness in spite of it. How can it get them down when there's so much to look forward to?

Gemini: Your Creative Juices Are Flowing

During Libra season, the sun is in your fifth house of fun, pleasure, and creativity, making this week a beyond fulfilling time for you. Even though Venus will enter retrograde in your sixth house of work and productivity, this week provides you with an opportunity and reacquaint yourself with a spark of genius. Perhaps you have an amazing idea that you've never acted on. Maybe you passed up a beautiful opportunity for self-expression in the past. However this may resonate with you, remember that your muse has reappeared once again, and they're here to shoot you with the arrow of inspiration. Don't ignore the universe when it asks you to embrace your inner artist. Roll with the creative punches.

Cancer: You'll Feel So At Peace With The Universe

The moon is your ruling celestial body. It's all thanks to her that you're such an emotionally intuitive and imaginative person. Your depth truly knows no bounds. Because this week's last quarter moon will reign in Cancer, her favorite zodiac sign, you will be so in-tune with all the beauty that the universe has to offer.

Even though Venus will station retrograde in your fifth house of art, fun, and pleasure just a few days later, this lunation will allow you to purge negativity and invite calming energy in its place. Prepare for your body, mind, heart, and soul to all feel perfectly aligned. This is a beautiful opportunity to replenish your entire perspective, so make sure you do something powerful with it.

Libra: You're Shining Like The Star You Are

Even though Venus (your ruling planet) is entering retrograde on October 5, 2018, this is only making your solar return that much more powerful. When the sun is in your first house of the self, it's a period of intense reflection, powerful reward, and infinite transformation. It's time to look your baggage squarely in the eye and recognize that you have the strength to defeat anything, as long as you want it badly enough.

Because your ruling planet will be in retrograde at the same time as your solar return, the amount of growth you'll experience by overcoming obstacles in life will be that much more significant. The cosmos are presenting you with several opportunities to better yourself while they're also highlighting your brightest talents and hard-earned skills. This week is about recognizing what a bad ass you are.