Obama's Thanksgiving Tweet Will Make You Want To Hug The Whole Fam

Carsten Koall/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's no denying that for eight years, the Obamas carved a small space into our nation's heart and never left. And on Thanksgiving, a day that's super family focused, Obama blessed the internet with a candid picture of the fam. Obama's Thanksgiving tweet basically combined the two things he has completely down pat: words and family.

The guy should walk around with a spare mic and drop it after he opens his mouth, because he certainly has bars without even trying. Honestly though, the Obamas can pull off any kind of picture and their family structure speaks to all of us average joes. In many ways, they mirror the same aspects of family that we all hold near and dear. You know, minus the whole presidency thing, being shadowed by the United States Secret Service and living in the White House for almost a decade.

Either way, Obama is still relevant these days, even if he isn't the current president in office (please, don't remind us). And as agonizing as it was to see him go, it really makes those moments when he pops up on our Twitter feed or other social networks, a real treat. Can you come back or nah? Even if it's just to shoot some hoops or entertain us with those notorious Thanksgiving dad jokes, we are here for it.

While the picture alone is clickworthy, Obama topped it off by wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving. The trifecta of ladies that make up the rest of this incredibly photogenic family are never overlooked, of course. We basically sat back and watched Malia and Sasha grow up.

Oh, Obama. Some of us are thankful to say that we were able to call you our president. Seriously, can you all be on the cover of holiday cards so we can place them on our mantles? No? Fine, we will just have to wait anxiously for Obama to drop them emotional posts on us when these festive holidays come along.

We watched this family flourish and blossom in the White House. So much so, that the emotional attachment is real and separation anxiety has been intense since him and Michelle waved goodbye and boarded that aircraft like America wasn't screaming for them to deplane and stay with us. Trust me, people were getting all in their feelings once Obama posted this on Twitter and I'm not crying, you're crying.

Several people mentioned how they were thankful to have had him as a president.

Others were quick to express how much they miss him and the family.

The tweet received thousands and thousands of replies,ranging from wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving and thanking Obama for his years of service. The Obamas were a hard gem to let go, but we sure as hell were proud to say they were ours for quite a bit. Seriously, is it even possible to feel this close to a president when you haven't met him directly? It's some powerful stuff if you think about it.

Let's not forget the people who straight up told Obama to come back for the cause.

Ultimately, not even the greatest moments or years can last forever. That's the least that can be said about Obama and his presidency. America is moving forward to the best of her abilities, even if it means painfully looking in our rear view at the eight years that came and went so quickly. Although we can never quite get those years back, many peeps are pretty thankful that they could once call Obama the leader of this country and referred to his family as the First Family.