You & Your Fave “Morning Person” Could Win $18,000 With This Nutella Contest

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Between Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the start of summer, you are most likely looking for different ways to show all your friends and family just how much you love them (spring totally does that to me, too!). And what better way to express your gratitude towards your loved ones than by winning them up to $15,000 worth of cash? Nutella's "Who Makes Your Mornings Happy?" contest for 2019 lets you enter to win money from the sweetest brand out there, and IDK about you, but I'm already in the process of nominating all of my favorite people. Money can't buy love or happiness, but giving your loved one $15,000 is definitely a kind gesture.

Nutella is giving you the chance to show your appreciation for your loved ones in the best way possible, by giving you the chance to win them thousands of dollars in cash (plus, you get a nice chunk of change yourself). All you have to do is navigate to Nutella's "Who Makes Your Morning Happy?" website, any time between April 29 at 12 a.m. ET and June 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Enter your contact information, and come up with a totally original 500-word essay nominating the person who "makes your morning happy." Make sure it's creative, relevant, and appropriate, so you can stay in the running, per the contest instructions.

The grand prize will be awarded to one person per drawing period (there will be six drawing periods), according to the site's rules and regulations. It will consist of $15,000 for the person you nominate, with an additional cash prize of $3,000 for yourself. One person per drawing period will win the Second Prize, which consists of $10,000 for the person you nominate, plus $2,000 for you to keep. Then, the Third Prize will consist of $5,000 for whomever you nominate, plus $1,000 just for you. Then there's the most important prize of all is a year's supply of free Nutella, which several people will win per drawing period. There will be a total of six prizes per drawing period with eight drawing periods.

Keep in mind that you absolutely cannot nominate yourself (despite how awesome you probably are!), according to the website, or a celebrity (sorry, Johnathan Van Ness!). Also, you must be at least 18 years of age to apply, and you cannot enter more than once, or use defamatory statements. Each essay will be graded based on how relevant your answer is, why the person is extraordinary, and how persuasive your response was. It's a super easy and fun way to express your appreciation for someone you love, so I highly recommend doing so if you have a free moment.

If you don't win the contest, you can still express your gratitude with the gift of Nutella. The brand is also going to release limited-edition "appreciation jars" of their chocolate-hazelnut spread, which you can buy at a nearby retailer. Whether you want to tell someone how much they rock, or if you simply want a sweet way to say "I Love You," there are so many adorable options. Find the available phrases on Nutella's website, and get yours soon — they're only around while supplies last.

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One of the most special people out there is — hands down — my mom (because how could she not be?). And if you want to treat your own mama to something tasty to go along with her special jar of Nutella, definitely make a point to stop by popular Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton's on Mother's Day (which falls on Sunday, May 12). They will be giving away free "mom-sized" coffees to all types of moms, and if you ask me, that might actually be the cutest (and most deserved!) giveaway I've heard of yet. So you bet your bottom dollar I'll be making my way there with my mom by my side.

Showing the person you love endless amounts of gratitude is beyond important, so obviously, I'm a big fan of this contest. By professing your appreciation for your BFF, mom, dad, or even your neighbor, you can win them cash prizes. But if you don't win, you snag get them one of Nutella's super sweet personalized jars. Either way, Nutella is definitely the sweetest gift out there, and that's the tea.