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The Week Of Nov. 4 Will Be The Most Beautiful Experience For These Zodiac Signs


Scorpio season is underway, and this zodiac sign is all about gaining power over situations and overcoming obstacles by any means necessary. Even though Mercury is currently retrograde, it doesn't mean the universe has come to a standstill. It's time to reflect on your true strength and let it build, because November 4, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. This is an emotional and intuitive time of year, so if your sign or rising falls under one of the aforementioned trio, you will flow with this magical energy.

As the sun forms a sextile with sturdy and disciplined Saturn on Nov. 8, you'll likely find yourself feeling more grounded and capable of getting things done. Saturn helps you set aside your feelings, stay focused, and do whatever is needed. Make yourself proud.

You might even fall in love with yourself, considering how the sun is forming a trine with empathetic and magical Neptune later on that very same day. This transit encourages creativity, sensitivity, and friendship. Neptune wants you to see yourself with love and understanding, and to forgive yourself for everything you could have done differently.

Saturn later joins forces with Neptune, giving you a glimpse of your long-term goals and showing you how capable you are of achieving them. Let this transit hush your self-doubt and quiet those negative voices in your head. Having faith in yourself is far more powerful, and practicing positive affirmations can make all the difference.

Even though this will be a beautiful experience for everyone, it will be all the more impactful if you're a water sign.

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Cancer: You're Falling In Love With The World Around You

You have so much power to create truly mind-blowing art and transcend the monotony of your reality this week. You're a naturally deep feeler, but your strong emotions sometimes work against you rather than for you. Your heart will now guide you toward creation and friendship, as well as love and romance. Let yourself be filled with an insatiable zest for life and do whatever it is that makes you feel the most joy. Set aside your worries and your doubts, because you deserve to live without inhibition.

Scorpio: You're Deepening Your Relationship With Who You Are

You've probably been asking yourself so many questions about who you are and what it is that you're meant to be doing. There isn't one answer, though — there are countless answers. You are a multitude of things and you are meant to be whatever it is that you choose. Don't feel pressured into doing something you think you're supposed to be doing. If you dig deep into your heart and forget about what anyone else thinks, you know who you are. Spend time imagining where you'd like to be down the line and appreciate where you are now.

Pisces: Your Imagination Is Taking You To Beautiful New Places

You have the power to totally rearrange your perspective this week. If you've been having trouble seeing the opportunities around you or feeling positive about life, it's time you shift your mindset and open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you. Instead of being pessimistic or apathetic, take a chance on something new. If you're invited somewhere, why not go? If you're feeling bored, why not shake things up? The cosmos promise you that you won't regret taking a road that deviates from your usual route. There's so much insight to be gleaned.