Noah Beck's Response To Criticism Over Vacationing In The Bahamas Will Piss You Off

fupp/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

TikTokers who traveled to the Bahamas in the final week of 2020 amid the coronacirus pandemic against the CDC's advice managed to avoid addressing most of the backlash swirling online over their trip, but one Sway House member didn't stay silent. Noah Beck's response to criticism over vacationing in the Bahamas pissed off a lot of people. Beck deflected a lot of the legitimate concerns about his mid-pandemic travel, and basically deemed the trip necessary for himself and his influencer friends.

By Dec. 29, 2020, fans and critics of TikTok celebrities Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Avani Gregg, Chase Hudson, and Noah Beck were livid over the group's secret trip to the Bahamas during the coronavirus pandemic. While the majority of the group did not flaunt the vacation on their social media, they were still spotted taking pictures with maskless fans at the Atlantis resort. It's safe to say most of the group had not been social distancing, considering they frequently film collaborations with other creators. Still, with rising cases and hospital overflows in their home base of Los Angeles, the trip seemed like an unnecessary risk to those concerned about spreading the virus. Now, Beck is taking center stage and responding to the criticism.

"I think, especially the business we're in, it's like you need some time to kind of disconnect for a little. That's what that was meant for. It was just a little trip to get away," Beck told Pop Galore on Jan. 6, downplaying the risk of transmitting COVID-19 that unnecessary travel poses. "Wanted to get away from everything and we took a private jet, so it was just us."

The 19-year-old went even further in his response, and shifted the microscope onto the people calling him out online. "Let's say we DM one of [the critics], like, ‘Yo, we want to fly you out to the Bahamas.' If they say yeah, then you screenshot it and say, ‘this you?' or something like that," Beck said. The hypothetical fan interaction, while likely to happen, shifted the blame off of the group and onto their young audience. Still, he stuck to his response and told Pop Galore the trip was necessary for a mental health "reset."

Several fans lashed out on Twitter in response to Beck's statement, angry at the implication vacationing is more vital to his and his highly-privileged friends' health than practicing proper social distancing measures amid a pandemic and setting a good example for their millions of followers. "No Noah Beck I would not go to the Bahamas in the middle of a pandemic even if you asked to fly me out," one user tweeted in response to his Pop Galore clip.

What's done is done now, but the trip clearly angered the internet, and Beck's statement isn't making anything better for him or his friends.