Charli, Dixie, & More TikTokers Vacationed In The Bahamas & Fans Are Pissed

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Influencers' travels are under the microscope this holiday season due to strict social distancing guidelines put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, but even some of the biggest social media stars are still planning vacations and get-togethers. This week, some of TikTok's biggest stars were spotted on a tropical trip, and it's safe to say fans aren't too happy about it. This video of Charli Dixie and D'Amelio vacationing in the Bahamas alongside other high profile TikTokers is getting a lot of backlash, with many of their followers expressing their disappointment that they'd take an unnecessary risk of traveling during a global pandemic and set a bad example for their fans.

While Charli and Dixie didn't post about their trip, some keen internet sleuths put the pieces together after several photos and videos surfaced of the duo in the Bahamas with fellow TikTok royalty like Noah Beck, Avani Gregg, and Chase Hudson.

Madi Monroe, another influencer on the trip, was the only person to post a photo alluding to the trip with. On Dec. 27, she posted an Instagram of herself lounging on an airplane and tagged the location, "Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere." Clearly, the geotag was not the honest truth, since fan photos and videos of the group of TikTokers in the Bahamas began circulating soon after.

One video posted by the TikTok Shaderoom even shows the celebs posing for a photo with unmasked fans. While the stars did don masks themselves, the group was certainly not six feet apart from each other or their eager young fans.

It's not clear how long the group has been on vacation in the Bahamas, but fans are angry at the idea of the trip in general. One user criticized the group in a tweet, stating, "... LA ran out of hospital beds and Charli D'Amelio and her friends think it's acceptable to go to the Bahamas." A dedicated Charli fan account even chimed in on the subject, writing, "This is so hard for me to say this but oh my god. I cannot believe you went to the Bahamas while we are in a global pandemic."

The group appears to have taken pictures with fans at the Atlantis resort, after a subject in some of the fan photos responded to comments on their TikToks asking about their location in the Bahamas.

There are not many fans who support the group's decision to gather and travel during such a crucial public health crisis, and it's not a good sign for them that even their stan accounts are calling them out.

The influencers involved have yet to address the backlash surrounding their trip.