Nikita Dragun's Zodiac Sign Makes Her Such A Unique Partner

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Stunning YouTube makeup mogul and trans rights activist Nikita Dragun, like just about everyone, has had some serious ups and downs in her love life. But her dating history may be even more unique. Then again, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise when you consider that Nikita Dragun's zodiac sign is Aquarius, as nothing's conventional about this rebellious sign. For example, the whole maybe-it's-real, maybe-it's-for-clout (and under contract) relationship with model Michael Yerger drama (and subsequent Daisy Keech twitter beef). And now there's the much-buzzed-about love triangle between Dragun, TikTok star Tony Lopez, and Sofie Dossi. Whew, it's hard to keep up!

Dragun was born Jan. 31, 1996, under the sign of Aquarius, and, if you've ever dated this sign, you know that they set their own rules when it comes to life and love. Aquarius is rebellious, eccentric, and not at all worried about what other people think. They feel like they don't quite fit in with other people, they embrace their differences, and they recognize what makes them special. This also means that they prefer to take things slowly when it comes to commitment, taking time to be sure that they're truly seen and understood before they give someone their heart. Fortunately, they're also highly independent and not in any rush to settle down. Here's what else we can surmise about what it's like to be loved by Dragun based on her zodiac sign.

They're idealists when it comes to love.

While Aquarius might have a reputation for being a bit aloof when it comes to relationships, deep down they're idealists who believe in true love. But for them, a soulmate also has to be their best friend. They want a partner they can have fun and be their silly, awkward self with. They also have a secret romantic streak; it just doesn’t look like your typical old fashioned kind of romance. They have a more unusual way of showing they care.

They make for easy-going partners.

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Getting an independent Aquarius to settle down can be a bit tricky and takes some patience, as they need to know that their desire for space and freedom is respected. It's why their relationships often begin as friendships first. That allows them to be emotionally and intellectually intimate, then move into a more romantic space. However, once they're coupled up, you couldn't find a more chill partner. Aquarius is slow to anger, is rarely if ever jealous, and is cool-headed enough to talk through just about any problem without getting overly emotional. And clingy? Never.

They love to explore in bed.

Aquarius is unshackled from anything conventional, has little inhibition, and is deeply curious by nature, which means that pretty much anything goes in their bedroom. That's as long as they're with a partner they connect with on both a physical and intellectual level. Once they have that, then let the sexual exploration and experimentation begin.

Honestly, it's harder not to fall in love with an Aquarius like Dragun that is to just swoon for them. Getting them to return those affections may be trickier, but it's totally worth the effort.