Nikita Dragun's Reaction To Daisy Keech Dating Michael Yerger Is So Shady

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Daisy Keech and Nikita Dragun had a pretty interesting exchange of words on Twitter over Keech's new significant other. Keech is currently dating Dragun's ex Michael Yerger, and it's already seemingly caused some drama. Nikita Dragun's reaction to Daisy Keech dating Michael Yerger is so, so shady.

It all started on Sunday, June 14, when Keech posted a sultry, swimsuit picture of her and Yerger getting cozy in Tulum, Mexico. "Papí," Keech captioned the photo. Hours later, after Dragun caught wind of the snap, the beauty YouTuber reacted to the photo and expressed her thoughts on Twitter.

"I ain’t even mad when i see my ex with another girl," she wrote. "Like u bout to be just as embarrassed as i was when u find out what he’s really about."

Although Dragun's shade was more directed at Yerger than Keech, she still replied, writing: "Nikita, what ever happened is in the past. There’s no need to tear others down. I hope you can move on and be happy. We truly wish you the best."

Yerger and Dragun have a complicated history. Dragun acknowledges their relationship started out as fake when she hired him to pose as her boyfriend, but claims they both developed feelings along the way. Yerger, on the other hand, insists the relationship was always transactional, and he jumped on social media to dispute Dragun's use of the word "ex."

"You still love using that word 'ex' lmfaoo it’s been far too long to keep bugging about an old hoax," he wrote, referencing their July 2019 split, in which Dragun claimed Yerger used her for clout and even cheated on her. "Wish you the best nikita."

Later, on Monday, June 15, Dragun posted a series of IG Stories asking her followers to stop tagging her in the photo of Keech and Yerger. "I'm going to ask just one time, really nicely, if you see anything with my ex, or whatever, just don't tag me, just don't," she said. "Don't interact ... I'm so far past all of that situation. I'm genuinely so happy. I know everyone can tell."

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It seems like everyone involved in this situation just wants to move on.