Nicole Byer Can't Wait To Go On Sub-Par Dates Again

Elite Daily

You know who would be really fun to quarantine with? Nicole Byer. While you marathon 30 Rock, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Transparent every night, you can spot her making guest appearances in each one. When your baking aspirations crumble into a mess of confectioners' sugar and tears, she'd know exactly how to turn the situation into something hilarious — as the host of Netflix's comedic baking show Nailed It, that's literally her job. And when dating apps drain your energy? She's the host of the podcast Why Won't You Date Me?, so yeah, she gets it.

I caught up with the writer, actress, and comedian for Elite Daily's How I Take Care platform — a series of interviews with fan-favorite bloggers, celebrities, TikTokers, musicians, and politicians about life at home. Here's what Byer had to say about dating during the pandemic:

Where she's quarantining: At home in Los Angeles with her roommate and his boyfriend.

Her favorite local restaurant: "I love Little Dom's. They have lasagna on Tuesdays, and usually I miss it because I can't keep track of the days."

What she misses most: Dropping by a friend's house unannounced with a bottle of wine and a hug.

What she's looking forward to: The June 2 release of her book, #VeryFat #VeryBrave: The Fat Girl's Guide to Being #Brave and Not a Dejected, Melancholy, Down-In-The-Dumps Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikini. "It's a self-help guide/coffee table book."

Nicole Byer

Last year, she felt totally over dating.

I was going on so many, so many, so many f*cking dates. I was doing it while touring, so it was a second job. When I was away, I was trying to coordinate when I would see people at home. When I was home, I was trying to coordinate how to sleep at somebody's house and go to the airport the next day. I was like, "I'm done, I'm so tired." I was real burned out. I just stopped dating.

But now, she'd do anything for even a sub-par date.

Oh my God. I can't wait to go to his house. I'll never be sad to see a mattress on the floor again. I'll be like, "I'm grateful."

FaceTime dates aren't her jam, though.

I refuse, because what if you get stood up? That means that person would rather do nothing than talk to you.

Dating reminds her a lot of standup comedy.

I'm fully uninterested [in FaceTime dates] because I like to feel someone's vibe — which sounds real hippy-dippy, but it's the same thing that I do in comedy in front of an audience. You can feel the room. You feel like you know how the show's going to go. So, you kind of know how the date's going to go by the vibes you get from somebody. It's harder to do that online.