Here's What Nick Jonas Reportedly Thinks About His 11-Year Age Gap With Priyanka Chopra

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My biggest motto when it comes to any and all matters of love? The heart wants what the heart wants. I know, I know. It sounds cliché, but as far as I'm concerned, it's so incredibly true. Unless anyone is being physically or emotionally harmed in the process, two people who are totally in love should always have the opportunity to be together, no matter their race, gender, or even their age. In fact, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's 11-year age gap reportedly makes their relationship even stronger.

Because people love to hate on pretty much everything they can possibly hate on, Chopra and Jonas have gotten some backlash on their relationship due to their age difference; Chopra is 36 and Jonas is 25. But a source recently silenced any and all haters by letting us know just how much Jonas actually enjoys dating ladies who are older than him. "Nick loves dating older women, and if anything it makes Priyanka even more attractive to him," a source close to Jonas told People. (Elite Daily has reached out to Jonas's rep for comment.)

The source also highlighted why Jonas might prefer to date women who are older than he is (not that you need any reason). The source told People that he's "very mature for his age" and an "old soul."

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And don't worry. He's definitely giving Chopra the love and devotion that a talented, smart actress like herself deserves. "He obviously thinks she’s beautiful, but he’s also drawn to her intelligence," the source says. "She has this charisma and energy that draws you to her, and she’s fit in so well with his friends and family."

While the couple still hasn't publicly commented on their relationship, the press is pretty much convinced they're an item.

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In fact, less than a week ago, People reported that Jonas allegedly popped the question to Chopra while the pair were visiting London on her 36th birthday.

And it wasn't just a random spur-of-the-moment proposal, either. No, Jonas reportedly shut down an entire Tiffany's in New York City prior to their departure for London just so he could pick out his rumored wife-to-be's ring.

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Jonas loves Chopra for more than just her Hollywood-level good looks. He's an "old soul" which allows him to connect with her on a deeper level. He's so sure about their relationship that he allegedly shut down an entire Tiffany's just to pick out her engagement ring. Oh, and of course, she reportedly said "yes" when he popped the question.

So, I think it's safe to say that this couple is the real deal. I really honestly wouldn't care if she was 100 and he was 18. If two people are this in love, that is a beautiful thing!

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