New Moon Goals Each Zodiac Sign Should Adopt To Live Their Best Life

by Rosey Baker
Michael Heiman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Every new moon brings an opportunity to transform our lives with a brand new lunar cycle, a time when we can put our goals into action and make our dreams a reality. I love these new moon days because I'm an ambitious ass b*tch, and I know you are too, so here are some new moon goals for every sign in the zodiac to focus on with the new moon in Scorpio coming this Saturday.

This has been an intensely emotional week already, with plenty of upheaval, and by the time the new moon arrives you might feel either literally or emotionally hungover, sapped of your energy and drive. But the important thing to remember is that this is a time of release, and if you're doing a good job of releasing your emotions, you will be freed up enough to focus on these bad-ass new moon affirmations I've come up with to help you break the chains of your currently sh*tty life.


This week, focus on the fears you have surrounding intimacy and watch the thoughts that come up when you're faced with the choice to love instead of fear. Your body may be giving you its own messages too, reminding you to slow down, to rest, to care for yourself. When Saturday comes, remind yourself that fear is the opposite of love, and that love is acceptance.


This week, focus on using every relationship in your life — including your most challenging ones — as a mirror of yourself, and as a reflection of the issues you still have yet to heal within. Use what you discover to set a goal at the new moon on Saturday.


Use the week to focus on your work-life balance. Know that overdoing anything will eventually wear on your ability to be effective; on the opposing side, remember that to enrich your life, living must become an act of giving, not only to yourself, but to others as well. Revel in the humility that work brings you, and glean from it new goals to put into practice at the new moon on Saturday.


Focus this week on your entire life — every aspect of it that you enjoy, and those parts of it you are frustrated and sad about. Know that the beliefs you've chosen to invest in have created those limitations that feel somehow external to you; write those limiting beliefs down, and burn them. Choose new ones. When the new moon comes on Saturday, make moves to change those beliefs through your actions.


This week I would encourage you to focus on your roots. Where you come from, what stabilizes you. Look at the places you reside, both in the past and the present, and see how far you've come. What part of your history has supported you in getting there? For the new moon, set a goal to use the resources that have grounded you up until now to launch yourself ahead in your life.


This week is a time to focus on your thoughts, as they can become habitual, and assist us in creating our beliefs, either consciously or unconsciously. Choose this week to be conscious, even if the choices you make aren't the best for you. Choose to think your way into a new state of being, and use the power of your words and to change your thoughts as well.

Set a goal around the new moon and strive to communicate with yourself in a way that supports the realization of it.


This week, focus on your own worth. What materially surrounds you now is a reflection of how much you feel you're worthy of, but if you choose to believe you're worthy of more than this, you will begin to watch your life transform to reflect that new belief.

Allow yourself to witness exactly how powerful you can be on the new moon, and set goals around exactly what you want in your life that isn't there right now.


This week, focus on your personal power. Listen to Tony Robbins, say affirmations, do whatever it takes to realize the amount of agency you have in your own life. Pay attention to the actions you think to take for yourself but procrastinate on. Procrastination is a way of saying to the world "I'm not ready to be this great." You are.

On the new moon Saturday, set a specific goal for your life, and go for it. Do not procrastinate on this. Take immediate steps, however small, to become exactly who you're meant to be.


This week, you'll benefit from focusing on your own inner wisdom; life doesn't always look as if it's all put together nicely and it might feel sometimes as though things are unravelling around you. Through solitude, we do the work within us to untangle some meaning from an otherwise messy existence. On the new moon, set a goal to create some space in your heart for imperfection, and some acceptance for the ways in which you are still healing.


There is power in numbers, and this week, you would benefit from investing in that fact. What seems impossible alone can be done when you are willing to step outside the stoic comfort of self-sufficiency to ask for help. Join in. Be a worker among other workers, even when you feel more comfortable striving to stand out.

Work on behalf of the group in service to the goal you set on the new moon, and you'll find it's a lot less lonely at the top, when you arrive there with others.


This week, focus on gratitude in your work life. Revel in the joy that your work brings you, on what it makes possible in your life, and on the over-arching goals you have for yourself. Enjoy the fact that you have so much to show for what you've done. Enjoy the fact that because of what you've done, you have so much more to do. Set a goal on the new moon that takes stock of all you have created and builds on that. Don't stop here, you have much more in store for you.


This week, focus on your expanding your horizons. Encourage yourself to seek new answers to an old problem, to ask questions of those who can give you a brand new perspective. Tackle the situations that baffle you in a brand new way, and challenge the beliefs that tell you to stick to the status quo. On the new moon Saturday, set a goal that challenges the way you see the world now for the better.