How To Use The New Moon In Scorpio To Make Your Relationships Stronger

by Rosey Baker
Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you follow lunar astrology then you know that the new moon is a time for putting your goals into action, and sometimes that can limit our attention to just our careers. But not everything is about money, people. I'll be the first to admit "cash rules everything around me," but I'd like to add that sex also rules everything around me. Things are also about sex, is what I'm saying. The new moon in Scorpio is a prime example of that. Now is the time to make some serious plans to spice up your sex life. Make some sex goals. If you're in a relationship, and even if you're not, you can make those goals of a more personal nature, like better communicating, etc. but the point of this new moon is to take the psychologically deep sign of Scorpio and apply that energy to the ambitions you have in the bedroom.

The beginning of this week started with Mars squaring off to Pluto, which is a transit that suggests we need to break some sh*tty habits and get over some deeper fears in order to move forward in our lives, and to accomplish the things we want to accomplish the most. Those lessons will be sinking in all week, and by the time they've sunk in completely, the new moon will be here to launch us forward.

Here are some suggestions for the types of goals to set during this new moon.

Couples Counseling

OK so I know I began with sex, but honestly, couples therapy can lead to some incredible banging. No joke. Think back to the beginning of your relationship, when you were sharing all this new information with your partner, and getting so excited (sexually) by learning everything about them you could. There's a risk involved every time you reveal something new to your partner and find that they accept you (even love you!) anyway. After some time, you start to assume that you already know everything about them, and that sexual energy goes out the window.

Going to couples therapy inspires couples to keep sharing the things about themselves they are afraid of sharing, and taking that risk again can really put the fire back into a relationship without reading a bunch of articles about new sex positions to get the fire back (because those are f*cking SAD.)

New Sex Positions To Get The Fire Back

Well, it was the perfect segue. I'm not gonna say a new sex position will actually put the fire back into a relationship because it won't. But if you're sick of having sex the same way all the time, this will certainly fix THAT. Use the new moon to do a little research online that could get you and your partner feeling hot and heavy in the bedroom again, and when you get the chance, take your newfound knowledge and put it to use. You've got nothing to lose but an eye, if you're not too careful.

Dig Up What You're Afraid Of

Scorpio is the sign of transformation and change — change that happens on an external level, and the transformation that has to happen internally for those changes to take place. The eighth house associated with Scorpio governs the areas of life where our fears reside. Since the moon is associated with the subconscious, we can use the new moon to serve as our own psychological archaeologists, digging up what we are most afraid of, the secrets we keep from ourselves and those around us when it comes to sex, power, and relationships.

Much of this is happening on a collective level already, but we can do this work on ourselves too, if we want to change as individuals. Ask yourself where in relation to sex have you handed your power over to someone else, or where you've held it over others' without considering the consequences of your actions either on them or on yourself.

Release Your Demons

Both in your relationship with another person and most importantly for your relationship with yourself, now is the time to let the emotions out that were too raw for you to release them before. When the new moon arrives on Saturday, you'll have freed up enough energy by moving through your own discomfort to embrace the power you have.

You'll have created enough space within yourself to allow you to reject the myths that get in the way of your power. Most importantly you will realize that all of us are infinitely powerful in a way that makes change not only possible in your relationships but in the world at large.