New 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Photos Are Here & We Have So Many Questions


Netflix has been no slouch when it comes to their partnership with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since it was announced in late 2013 that they had partnered with Disney to produce adult-oriented series based on the characters from The Defenders, the streaming service rocketed from two series a year in 2015 (Daredevil, Jessica Jones) and 2016 (Daredevil Season 2, Luke Cage) to three series last year (Iron Fist, The Defenders, The Punisher.) This year will bring another three series. The first of them is already dropping clues with new Jessica Jones Season 2 photos, which suggest that her time spent last year meeting up with those around her also trying to save New York City hasn't changed her all that much.

To be fair, unlike some of her counterparts, Jessica was already wise to there being other superheroes quietly trying to live their lives on the NYC streets. She and Luke Cage had not only met but tested each other out, shall we say? So, while the experience of discovering one is not alone in the world might change (like for Danny Rand, who had no idea there were others like him out there), Jones probably wasn't going to get all in her feelings about it.

And as we can see from the first image, she's kinda baffled why anyone might have thought that in the first place.


Who exactly is Jessica giving this withering glance to? We assume it's probably a new client.

And if it's not, then it's most likely Trish or Malcolm. Maybe they're suggesting she not drink on the job? This is Jessica. She's nothing without her whiskey.


Speaking of which, Jessica's two sidekicks are back this season, and at least for a little bit, attempting to go off on their own and solve... something. What, exactly? We're not sure. But Trish has definitely recognized her own ability to hang in this world...


...which probably explains this image as well. So far we haven't seen any sign of Trish becoming Hellcat, which is her superhero alter-ego in the comics. Maybe by the end of Season 2?


While Trish and Malcolm are off investigating god knows what, Jessica is exploring somewhere very dark. Supposedly, this season will see her searching for answers to how she was made into a powered person. Perhaps this is a closed wing of a hospital after hours, or somewhere they keep hospital records?


Wherever she was, Jessica didn't stay there long, because, in our next image, she's wound up in jail.

To be fair, it's kind of shocking she hasn't been here before. I mean, Jessica beats people up, breaks into buildings, steals records, takes pictures of people doing things they shouldn't, all while drinking heavily. It's a miracle she's not here every week.

Whatever fight she got into, it looks like she wrecked her fist pretty good on it, too. So, who's she going to call?


Her lawyer, obviously.

I'm not going to lie, I was hoping just a tiny little bit that it would be Foggy. It would make sense to cross him over, since Foggy is really just Hogarth's lackey now. But it makes more sense our images contain Jeri Hogarth, who, let's face it, will be the one to bail her out. Right after she gets over whatever it is that's totally freaking her out on that laptop.

I still hold out hope Foggy will turn up in a cameo at some point this season though.


Could this be what's freaking out Hogarth?

In a word, no. Tennant is back this season, but not in a major way. According to the production, he will guest star in one episode, most likely in either a flashback or a PTSD-like vision. But in terms of this being our Big Bad, Kilgrave is not it. He's staying in the grave.

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix for Season 2 with 13 new episodes on March 8, 2018.