Converse Is About To Drop Burlap Sneakers, Because Why The Heck Not?


If you're a fan of Tyler, The Creator or are just a diehard Converse junkie, then you are undoubtedly acquainted with the GOLF le FLEUR* x Converse sneakers that are already on the market. Tyler is part of a hip-hop collective called Odd Future and along with making music, they also helm a clothing line called Golf Wang. Last year, it was announced that Tyler would be collaborating with Converse on a range of footwear and clothing and hence, GOLF le FLEUR* x Converse was born.

Tyler's first collection centered on his take on Converse's classic One Star low-top sneaker. Reimagined in vibrant colors from a dusty lilac to a mustard yellow, the sneakers featured custom stitching around the star on the outside of the shoe in the shape of a flower and Golf's signature flower logo emblazoned on the bottom. The words “DON’T LET EM KILL YOUR FLOWERS, WATER YOUR GARDEN AND STUNT” encircled the shoes above the outsole. They were an immediate hit for their cheery hues and playful, completely new look for Converse and became one of the buzziest drops of the summer at lightning speed. (I was lucky enough to snag a yellow pair and they remain some of the coolest shoes I own.)


Since then, the much-deserved hype surrounding the collaboration has only grown. GOLF le FLEUR* dropped two-toned sneakers in June, which infused Tyler's take on the classic One Star with even more color, and at Lollapalooza in August, the rapper teased yet another new color way.

And now, it appears Tyler's got a new drop coming up, and it's way different than anything he's done before.

Set to release on Nov. 15 on Golf Wang's website, the GOLF le FLEUR* x Converse Chuck Taylor "Burlap" Pack features two all-new takes on the classic Chuck Taylor style (new territory for Tyler) as well as yet another color way (or texture way, really) of the classic One Star.

The high-top sneakers retain their classic silhouette that's made them favorites for decades, but on the tongue and lateral side of each shoe GOLF le FLEUR* logos have been stamped on in black.


One of the color ways is off-white, a staple for Converse and shoe that you can wear paired with jeans and a tee shirt or a dress and look cool AF.


The other color way is — you guessed it — burlap. As in a scratchy and textured burlap sack that your all-natural beauty products might arrive in or that you once did a sack race in. If it sounds weird, it is — but it's also somehow really cool. It's unlike any other texture I've seen a sneaker done in before.


The new One Star is also outfitted in burlap, and features a matching suede floral emblem on the outside of each shoe. Because of the suede it looks slightly more sophisticated than its high-top alter ego.

While prices have yet to be released for the styles, other GOLF le FLEUR* x Converse sneakers have gone for around $100, so they'll likely run in a similar price range.