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The Realities Of Moving Away From Your Hometown Are Beyond Bittersweet


Eventually, the time may come for you to pack up and leave your hometown. Whether it's for college, or you're moving to a new city to pursue your career goals, you'll quickly realize that moving away from your hometown is beyond bittersweet. On one hand, you can't wait to begin this new chapter in your life. On the other hand, you're sad to see the life you know so well in your rearview mirror. Obviously, you'll miss your go-to hangout spots and seeing your best friends all the time, but you're also filled with joy thinking about discovering new places and meeting new people.

Just remember that it's an adjustment when you're trying something new. I've made the big move twice in my life. I moved to New York City from Florida for college, and then to Los Angeles for work. Both times, I had to go through a weird transition period where I definitely missed the places I left behind, but I also had this excitement exploring my new home.

Even though you may experience these six realities of moving away from your hometown, you might start to feel like this new town or city is also like home to you.

You'll Leave Behind Your Favorite Diner

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You and your friends may have been going to the same diner for years, and they hands-down make the best milkshakes. You know exactly what you love on the menu, and everyone who works there knows you by name.

You're going to miss having that go-to spot, but the exciting thing is discovering that place in your new city. You get to test out new and different places to try and find something that makes you feel as comfortable as your hometown diner did.

You'll Miss Your Hometown Friends

Of course, you'll miss seeing your best friends on the regular. You may have to become a pro at keeping in touch long-distance with group chats, and have FaceTime dates whenever you can. It may be tough at first not seeing them, but pretty soon, you'll get used to texting all the time. Plus, you'll make even more friends in just about no time.

You'll Have To Leave Your Bedroom Behind

You've made your bedroom at home a complete oasis. Your bed is the most comfortable place in the world. You might hate to leave it behind, and have to set up a new oasis. It may take some time to decorate your new space so it feels just as cozy, but think about how fun it's going to be to furnish and design everything to your liking.

You'll Be Leaving The Comfort Of Knowing Everyone

Back at home, you had your family and friends right there. Anywhere you went, you may have run into someone you knew. You may not know anyone in your new city, and you won't have that constant support system physically there with you. However, your friends and family are always still just a phone call away. It takes time to form solid friendships, but after a few months, you'll be able to go places and start to see familiar faces as well.

You'll Miss Knowing All The Shortcuts

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You know your hometown like the back of your hand. That means you also know every shortcut and secret there is to know. Unfortunately, in your new city, you won't be such a pro at first, but like it took you time to figure everything out back home, you just have to be patient. Soon, you'll be the go-to guide in your new city when your friends come to visit.

You'll Miss Your Favorite Local Food

One of the things I miss the most about my hometown is the food. I long for it all the time, but I learned that's just a fun adventure to go on in your new home. You get to scope out trendy restaurants, and find places that have food that's super similar to your hometown favorites.