These Modsy 'The Office' Zoom backgrounds are inspired by your favorite characters.

These Zoom Backgrounds Inspired By 'The Office' Include Kelly's Super Colorful Workspace

Courtesy of Modsy

Fans of The Office can swap out their real-life background for a virtual Zoom background inspired by the show. Thanks to the interior design website Modsy, you can cover up your own workspace with a modern reimagining of some of the main players' home offices. Modsy's The Office Zoom backgrounds answer the question of what your fave characters would be doing during quarantine. Take a virtual trip to Kelly Kapoor's colorful home set-up or Jim and Pam's practical home office with these free downloads.

It's been seven years since you've been able to keep up with the lives of your favorite Scranton, Pennsylvania, residents, and Modsy decided Zoom users could use some Dunder Mifflin-inspired office backgrounds. The design company reimagined what the characters' home offices would look like in 2020 if they were all working from home during quarantine, according to an email from Modsy to Elite Daily. To try out these virtual office spaces, which have plenty of nods to jokes from the show, you can download them from this page, or click on the image to see it on the Modsy site, and save them to your computer. To use them, sign into Zoom, go to your settings by selecting the gear icon, and then choose the Virtual Background tab. Then, click the plus (+) sign to upload the background of your choice.

1. Michael Scott's office

Michael Scott's home office looks comfortable, but still somewhat professional. In an email from Modsy, Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s VP of Style, explained how the design team approached the designs. According to Wood, Michael would want an approachable space, so he can still be viewed as "both a best friend and a boss." There are a few fun nods to the show, including a shelf full of Dundie Awards, a magic set (for sales deals), the "World's Best Boss" mug, and a hand-shaped chair.

You can enjoy a virtual background in Michael's office in a few views. One background focuses on the bookshelf area, one is a shot of his desk, and the third option gives a full view of his home office space.

Courtesy of Modsy

2. Jim and Pam's office

If Jim and Pam are your favorite characters on The Office, you're in luck, because their modern home office space background is full of adorable family photos. You can tell which side of the office is Jim's by the Phillies poster, the basketball on the floor, and a Pranks and Tricks book that says. Meanwhile, Pam's side is a bit less cluttered, with an easel next to the window and the teapot Jim gave her on the shelf above her desk. Wood explained how the Halperts would be "clean and personal as they would have a very family-friendly and inviting home."

Modsy created two views of Jim and Pam's office: one that features an up-close look at the desk area and another that showcases the whole space.

Courtesy of Modsy

3. Dwight Schrute's office

You can work from Dwight's old farmhouse if you want a more remote setting. His modern office features a tiger rug, a portrait of Mose and Dwight above the fireplace, a Dwight bobblehead on the desk, as well as his placard with his name, and a plate of yellow jello with a stapler inside. As Wood pointed out, "[Dwight] would want to resume a position of power, especially in his own home," which is why he has a solid desk and substantial chair. The view from the farmhouse overlooks his beet farm and his Trans Am, while the cabinet contains some fantasy memorabilia, like Harry Potter's wand.

You can download the background of his full office or a close up of the cabinet and the fireplace.

Courtesy of Modsy

4. Kelly Kapoor's office

When approaching Kelly's space, Wood explained, "Kelly most likely would be dedicated to style, trends, and all things chic and modern." Kelly's personality is bold and fun, and so is Modsy's Kelly Kapoor-inspired virtual home office space. Kelly's office features a floral rug, an acrylic desk, pink cupcakes, shopping bags from Zara, red heels, design books, and a framed print on the back wall which — of course — reads: "Business B*tch."

Courtesy of Modsy

The coolest part about these fun Zoom backgrounds (besides practically popping yourself in your fave show), is that you can replicate the look IRL if you choose to shop any of the products Modsy's designers used in the office spaces, all of which are featured on the blog background pages. You can also test out items virtually in your own space through Modsy's new mobile app for iOS, which lets you style your room without getting out a tape measure, and put shoppable products into your space to see what they'd look like.

Get ready to swap out the virtual background you've been using for one inspired by your favorite characters from The Office.