This Jewelry Brand Meghan Markle Has Worn Has TONS Of New Styles Under $100

I don't know if it's my inner classy lady finally revealing herself, or if I'm just being influenced by the people I follow on Instagram, but for some reason, all I can think about lately is expanding my jewelry collection. I have a million brands and pieces bookmarked for inspo at the moment, but some are more than a little out of my price range, so when I saw that Missoma's summer jewelry collection had pieces right around and under $100 a pop, I knew I'd found my go-to brand. How did I come across the line in the first place? Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is a fan. Yup, safe to say that makes them pretty damn chic.

While I don't know if Markle has had a chance to check out the latest drop, she's had Missoma pieces in her jewelry box for quite some time now, and given that anything she wears instantly becomes popular, it's lucky for me (And the rest of us!) that she's into the vibes of these reasonably-priced pieces. Back in May of 2018 on a visit to Scotland, Markle wore a handful of gold rings on her right hand, including Missoma's Interstellar Ring ($59,

Considering a frequently-photographed royal engagement ring sits nearby on her left hand, wrapped around Markle's finger is a pretty good place for a jewelry brand to find themselves:

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The ring is still available on the Missoma site, should you want to twin with the Duchess:

If you're into the new and now, though, you should check out their latest drop, the Momposina Collection, inspired by the city of Mompox, Columbia, a spot well-known for their high-quality jewelry creations.

The pieces feel luxe and boho at the same exact time:


And while each unique style stands alone, they look incredible layered together:


The best part? A good portion of the collection is priced below $100, so snagging a few special items won't have you eating ramen noodles for the next month. (Unless, like me, you do that because they're damn delicious, and not just because they're inexpensive.)

The Rhodochrosite Gold Lena Ring ($77, is like the boho-ified version of Markle's fave Interstellar ring. It's a little thicker, and instead of a diamond, there's a pastel pink stone on the end:

If you're into chunkier rings, though, you might prefer the gorgeous Amazonite Gold Calima Ring ($90,

As far as necklaces, I literally can't figure out how it's legal for them to sell the Rainbow Moonstone Gold Lena Lariat Necklace ($79, for under $100. It looks like priceless to me!

And for what it's worth, I'm super into the Gold Aurelio Studs ($72, These little figures are too darn cute:

Ready to accessorize like Meghan Markle? You can shop Missoma's new Momposina Collection live on their website as we speak. But be forewarned — these pieces invoke some serious wanderlust vibes, so even though you're saving $$$ on under-$100 jewels, you might find yourself itching to book a trip to Mompox.