Millie Bobby Brown's New Lob Is Officially My NYE Hair Inspo

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Considering fans first fell in love with her as a bald-headed telepath on Stranger Things, it's safe to say Millie Bobby Brown's new blonde lob isn't her boldest look to date, but I'd argue it's still one of her best. Off-screen, Brown rocked hair the same shade as her last name for quite some time, but ever since lightening her locks, she's been trying all different styles, from long hair to short to everything in between. Her latest is a warm honey lob I can't stop staring at, and it's the kind of look that will inspire you to ring in 2020 with an appointment at your local salon. If you're trying to resist the temptation to cut and/or dye your hair right now, I highly suggest you stop reading.

Brown is one of those girls who can pull off pretty much any hairstyle, but I've grown so used to seeing her with short strands, I admit her lengthy extensions first threw me for a loop. Yes, they looked beautiful, but I barely recognized her! Just as I got used to them, she's taken them out and reverted back to a long bob, courtesy of hairstylist Jacob Khan. Khan shares a ton of hair-cutting techniques and tips on his Instagram, so when he posted Brown's new 'do, he was sure to break it down for his followers.

Here's Brown's longer locks, which she's been rocking for a hot minute:

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And here's her new cut and color via Khan:

"I had fun giving Millie this new look today," shared Khan on Instagram, "She said goodbye to the extensions and is back feeling like herself with short hair." While I'd classify Brown's updated color as a very-on-trend warm honey blonde, Khan claimed it was slightly more brown IRL. "We also toned down the blonde to give her more of a hand-painted look. Now she is more of a brunette with balayage, then a blonde with a shadow root," said Khan.

Brown rocked her new strands to give a speech at the United Nations HQ on Universal Children's Day, and looked every part the girlboss she is:

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In conclusion: Millie Bobby Brown's hair is short again, and all is right with the world. That's all, folks.