Millie Bobby Brown's Collab With Converse Lets You Customize Your Kicks With Cute Designs


If you already blew through Stranger Things season three and are missing your daily dose of Eleven, fear not. Millie Bobby Brown's "Millie By You" Converse collab is on its way to let you channel a little piece of the actress via your footwear and turn your summer wardrobe upside down. But, like, in a good way. Seeing as Converse sneakers have regularly appeared on the feet of characters in Stranger Things, this collaboration feels especially apropos.

As announced via an Instagram post earlier this week, Brown was tapped by the iconic sneaker brand to create a range of styles that embodied her playful style and taste. “To choose the colors and material and print for the shoes was really specific and special to me," she was quoted as saying in the post. Brown has rocked Converse sneakers with gowns on a number of red carpets and also appeared in a digital ad campaign for them a few years back, so she's a natural choice for the brand to collaborate with. Still, at 15 she's officially the youngest person the brand has partnered with on a collection, making it that much more awesome.

The first preview of the collection comes in the form of a GIF, which Brown posted to her personal Instagram account. It shows the actress holding various pairs of Converse sneakers, giving fans a preview of six of the 10 color ways and prints that are to come in the collection. A few are covered in orca prints, a few boast solid pastel uppers, and one pair is even emblazoned with a watery wave design. It's clear the ocean served as a big inspiration for the collab, which makes its summer arrival especially appropriate.

While the GIF only shows high top Chuck Taylors, the collection will also include low-top styles. What's more, customers will also be able to customize some of the colors and details on the sneakers, meaning there truly will be a style for everyone. Get ready to channel your inner footwear designer and really make these styles your own.

If you're really into marine life, the two orca-prints might be for you. One features a white background and little coral, blue, and black whales, while the other features a dusty pink background and classic black and white whales.

Both are cool ways to rock your love of animals and all things aquatic loud and proud, and if you're someone who typically wears a lot of monochromatic looks, they're also a great way to add a pop of print to your outfit.

Love the ocean but don't necessarily want to rock animals on your sneakers? The water-inspired print might pique your interest. Featuring a tri-color design that makes it look like little waves are rippling across the fabric, it's a cool way to add some freshness to your look.

You'll have to wait until July 11 to score a pair of her designs, when they'll officially become available to shop at