Millennial Lilac Food Is Here & It'll Make Your Summer Instagrams So Gorgeous

No one can deny that summer is the most vibrant and 'Grammable season of the year. We're finally able to break out those floral sundresses that have been chilling in the backs of our closets, and bask in the glory of sunshine and clear blue skies. Out of all the beautiful colors we're seeing this time of year, I already know one that's taking center stage: millennial lilac. It still might be too soon to tell what the song of the summer will be, but it's clear that gorgeous pastel purple will be the official color of the season. If you're a foodie, that means millennial lilac food is here for your 'Gram, and you need to check it out ASAP.

Just like many people hopped on the millennial pink trend, now everyone's all about millennial lilac. As a foodie myself, I'm here for Instagram-worthy dishes with bright colors and elaborate garnishes. In order to add some color to your 'Gram, you need to get your hands on any of these nine millennial lilac foods. These lilac treats will really make you do a double take; they're almost too pretty to eat. Snap the most Insa-worthy shot, grab a fork, and experience deliciousness.

This Lilac Slush Is All You Need For Your #PurpleWall Selfie

If you happen to be traveling to "The Most Magical Place On Earth" this summer, you need to get your hands on the new millennial lilac taro tea slush at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. According to Disney Parks Blog, this purple drink comes with tapioca Boba pearls on the bottom, whipped cream on top, and purple sprinkles to give it even more color. After treating yo' self to this drink at the Tomorrowland Terrace, stop by the newly painted purple wall to snap a pic that's worthy of your 'Gram.

This Purple Ice Cream Will Have You Saying, "I Yam In Love"
an0ther_nicole on Twitter

I don't know about you, but I've never had yam ice cream. I mean, I've also never had ice cream that's this purple. There's a first time for everything, and we all need to add this purple yam and coconut ice cream to our foodie bucket lists to experience this summer.

I Only Have Pies For This Purple Sweet Potato Pie
hugebaeminguk on Twitter

It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving for you to take a bite of some sweet potato pie, and no, you don't need food coloring to make this beautiful pie. The bright color actually comes from purple sweet potatoes. After finding the perfect slice for your pic, caption it with, "I only have pies for you," before diving in.

Doughnut Say, "No" To This Purple Doughnut
Voodoo Doughnut

Doughnut are always a good idea, so you know you need to get your hands on some millennial lilac-colored ones. Popular doughnut shop Voodoo Doughnut has a Grape Ape flavor that comes in a beautiful lilac color with grape dust and lavender sprinkles. Buy a dozen for your friends, your co-workers, or just you.

You deserve to treat yourself to something sweet. Whomever you end up buying some doughnuts for, caption your purple pics with, "Doughnut worry, be happy."

You'll Like This Lilac-Colored Treat A Latte
rianasingh_ on Twitter

Words cannot espresso how beautiful this ube latte really is. The purple definitely takes that much-needed morning cup of coffee up a notch in the presentation department. Now, snap a pic of your foam art with the brew-tiful purple drink shining through.

This Lilac Ube Ice Cream Was Made For The 'Gram
strangefingers on Twitter

This ube ice cream from The Moo Bar really was made for taking pictures for the 'Gram. There's no other reason to make something look this beautiful. Not only does this dessert have a millennial lilac scoop of ice cream, but a charcoal waffle, rose petals, and millennial pink rose syrup. Am I the only one who is screaming for this ice cream right now?

This Purple Ube Dessert Is Flan-Tastic
foodieyu on Twitter

We're quickly finding out that ube (purple yams) can be used for just about any treat you're looking for this summer. If you've got flan on your mind, get yourself some millennial lilac ube flan. Pretty soon, you'll be this dessert's biggest flan.

Have Some Millennial Lilac First Thing In The Morning With Ube Pancakes
_sugaaaa on Twitter

Enjoy millennial lilac ube pancakes with your lilac latte for the most colorful breakfast pic to post on the 'Gram. As a pancake lover, I thought I already tried it all, but I have never seen such beautiful, purple pancakes before in my life. These are definitely going on my summer bucket list.

You Had Me At Macaron
sockittoomey21 on Twitter

Macarons are always too cute not to take foodie pics of. Plus, they come in all colors of the rainbow, so naturally, you'll want some millennial lilac ones this summer. According to this Twitter user, these purple macarons feature lavender and honey-infused buttercream. Yum!