Starbucks Is Selling Millennial Lilac Drinks & They’ll Take Your Insta To A New Level

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You may already know "millennial pink" as the official color of Generation Y. Even though millennial pink is still incredibly popular, there's a new color in town, and it's called "millennial lilac." If you haven't already caught a glimpse of the new hue, it's a relatively light and creamy shade of purple, it's super cute, and it's about to take over my entire closet. Anyway, if you want your morning beverages to match your soon-to-be new light purple wardrobe, these millennial lilac Starbucks drinks are here to help (and they're so damn cute).

As you probably know, Starbucks is known for its variety of aesthetically pleasing drinks (plus, they're delicious). And while you've probably already ordered each and every one of their millennial pink drinks (as well as the entirety of their millennial pink merch), the coffee giant also has a slew of gorgeous millennial lilac drinks, which are guaranteed to put you in the spring spirit. In honor of millennial lilac's recent popularity spike, I've taken the time to compile a list of drinks for you to order during your next coffee run. TBH, I'm obsessed with each and every one of these. They are too adorable for words.

Mermaid Frappuccino
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According to Starbucks Secret Menu, the Mermaid Frappuccino combines bright pink berries and green matcha drizzle. If the barista doesn't know how to make one, just ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with freeze dried whole blackberries. Ask for them to line the cup with green matcha drizzle, and to top it with whipped cream and more drizzle or matcha powder. Although the Mermaid Frappuccino is on the Secret Menu, you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on one, because none of the ingredients are limited time. It's all available all year long. Not only is the topping a light purple color, but it'll make you feel like a freaking flower-covered mermaid.

Purple Drink
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As the quintessential millennial lilac beverage, the Purple Drink combines Passion Iced Tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup, and scoops of blackberries, according to the Starbucks Secret Menu. Note that some customers prefer subbing coconut milk for soy milk for a lighter color, so if you're looking for the perfect lilac shade, I'd definitely take this advice into consideration.

Violet Drink

The Violet Drink isn't actually a secret menu item, as it has its own page on Starbucks' website. It combines the sweet flavor of blackberries with tart notes of hibiscus, which comes from their Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refresher. It's then mixed with creamy coconut milk and ice, which ultimately makes for a very delicious and lilac-colored concoction.

Ready to Drink (RTD) White Chocolate Mocha Latte

The RTD White Chocolate Mocha Latte is an on-the-go blessing in disguise. Need a little pick-me-up in the middle of the day? You got it. Similar to the classic White Chocolate Mocha Latte, it combines white chocolate sauce and milk, and it totally packs a punch with caffeine. It comes in an adorable millennial lilac bottle, and you easily can pick them up at any grocery store. I'm in love.

Pink-Purple Drink
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According to Starbucks Secret Menu, the Pink Purple Drink combines the ever-popular Pink Drink with the Purple Drink. To order a Pink-Purple drink, ask for half Pink Drink (which combines Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk), and half Purple Drink (which mixes Passion Iced Tea with soy, vanilla syrup, and blackberries). Depending on how your barista mixes the two, it could look ombre, or it might look like a pinkish-purple color. Regardless, it's gorgeous. It's pretty much a pinkish shade of millennial lilac, and you need it in your life.

Millennial lilac is totally where it's at right now, and Starbucks has so many refreshing and cute drinks to match the shade. Whether you're in the mood for something filled with tea, or if Frappuccinos are more your vibe, there are so many varieties to choose from. I guess you'll just have to try them all.