These Millennial Lilac Flower Crowns Will Make Your Wedding So Dreamy

Next to the perfect dress, flowers are the most important thing you need to get for your wedding. Not only do they smell gorgeous, but they will bring a pop of color to your bouquet, your reception decorations, and for some brides, the crown on their head. That's right; more and more brides are opting for flower crowns instead of a classic veil for their big day. It's a boho-chic look that is perfect for your rustic or vintage-style wedding. If this floral look is calling you, consider some millennial lilac flower crowns to make your wedding not only dreamy, but super trendy.

We're no longer talking about millennial pink, and instead, the new color on everyone's mind is lilac. It's a soft purple tone that is fitting for any wedding whether you're a summer bride, or getting hitched in the fall, winter, or spring. Not only is this color super versatile, but the lilac hue will look great with just about any other flower you decide to add to your crown.

If you need some wedding day inspiration, here are seven millennial lilac flower crowns to consider. Of course, it is your day, so make it the crown of your dreams. You deserve to look like a princess on your big daisy.

All Eyes Will Be On You With This Giant Flower Crown

Some flower crowns can be subtle and small, but it's your big day and you want all eyes on you. If you're in love with the spotlight, go big with giant flower buds on your crown. When designing, mix and match the different shades of purple, but make sure the iconic millennial lilac is center stage.

If you're looking for something similar to this crown, there are some large rustic designs available on Etsy for you to choose from.

A Crown Like This Was Made For Some Flower Field Wedding Photos

Just imagine how dreamy your wedding photos will be with you in your crown standing in a giant field of flowers. You and your forever person can snap pictures holding hands while walking through the field. Get some action shots of you dancing like no one is watching, as well. The whole experience will feel like you're in a millennial lilac dream.

Consider All The Flowers Of The Lilac Rainbow
MouseWormHybrid on Twitter

If you want a crown that is all millennial lilac and not another color in sight, fill it with all the purple flowers in the wild. That includes lilacs, lavender, heliotropes, catnip, pansies, vervains, lilies, and more. The list really goes on and on, so depending on when your wedding is, you will be able to find a purple flower that is in bloom just for you.

This Simple Millennial Lilac Crown Is For The Easy-Going Bride
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If you're actually looking for a subtle crown of lilac, consider getting something with just strands of lavender. They lay flat on your head, so it looks like a headband made from Mother Nature herself. Plus, lavender is one of the top essential oils for stress relief.

That means, on your big day, instead of panicking about all the minor details, you'll be able to just sit back and relax as you stop and smell the lavender on your head.

Mix Your Millennial Lilac With Some White Blooms
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Get creative when designing your wedding day crown, by mixing and matching your favorite flowers. Sometimes, the best way to make your trendy millennial lilac stand out is by putting it next to a more subtle color like white. You could even get a crown that alternates between white and purple lilies for this look.

Be A Polynesian Princess With This Purple Crown
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If you're heading somewhere tropical for your wedding, this Polynesian flower crown will look great next to the ocean waves and sandy beaches. Design your crown with some tropical flowers like morning glories, bougainvilleas, and blue dawns. The purple will pop next to some other brightly colored flowers like orange and yellow hibiscus.

You'll Be Blooming As You Walk Down The Aisle In Millennial Lilac
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Out of all the designs this is the most classic for flower crowns. You get the combination of dark purple and that dreamy millennial lilac next to the natural green leaves. Though, no matter what design you decide to go with on your big day, you'll look radiant walking down the aisle. Iris you a happy wedding day in your crown fit for a queen.