Milky Way Released A New Candy Bar & It's A Chocolate Lover's Dream

When I was growing up, Halloween was my favorite day of the year. Like most kids, I had a massive sweet tooth (to be quite honest, I still do). But seeing as my snacks solely consisted of apple and orange slices, the majority of my yearly candy consumption strictly fell around Halloween. Now that I'm finally an adult, I can eat candy whenever I want — and I'm looking forward to trying Milky Way's new Fudge candy bar. It's coming soon, and it looks like the snack of my childhood dreams. Sorry, mom!

In the name of Grown Ups, candy lovers are about to get totally "chocolate wasted" on Mars-Wrigley's latest creation, the Milky Way Fudge bar. If the name doesn't say it all, the description will most definitely get your mouth watering and your blood flowing. According to an online press release, Milky Way Fudge is not only going to consist of super rich chocolate, but also ooey-gooey caramel, and fudge nougat. I repeat: Fudge. Freaking. Nougat. This is not a drill, people. Get ready to watch me eat at least one Milky Way Fudge bar everyday this spring. My body is so ready.

According to Brand Eating, Milky Way Fudge will officially hit grocery store shelves nationwide, on April 23. It's coming my way so soon — and as you could probably imagine, the anticipation is killing me. According to a press release, this springtime treat will be available in both a share size (which is a package of two full-size chocolate bars), as well as a snack bag of individually-wrapped mini bars. It sounds like the damn dream, and if you think I'm going to "share" any part of that "share size," you definitely thought wrong. Sorry pal, I'm an only child and I don't share. You're on your own.


According to Cosmopolitan, Milky Way hasn't released a new product since they revealed Simply Caramel eight years ago, all the way back in 2010. Based on this lack of continuity, all of my digits are crossed for Milky Way Fudge to become permanent. I'm banking on this sugar-wrapped gift to stay in my life forever and ever.


When you're done indulging on a lifetime of Milky Way Fudge bars, make sure to cast your vote for M&M's newest "crunch" flavor. The potential candidates include Crunchy Espresso, Crunchy Raspberry, and Crunchy Mint, and each will be coated in dark chocolate, and filled with a crispy rice center. Don't tell me that doesn't sound phenomenal. On April 1, the three flavor candidates will be available in grocery stores nationwide, and fans will be able to vote until May 25 to decide which one is permanent. So send in your vote ASAP.

To vote on the new M&M's flavor, fans can logon to the Flavor Vote website, or they can simply post a selfie on social media that includes one of three hashtags: #VoteCrunchyRaspberry, #VoteCrunchyMint, or #VoteCrunchyEspresso. To vote offline, fans can text "VOTE" to 84444. It's seriously that easy. And what's a little extra effort for the sake of M&M's? Honestly, I'd pretty much do anything for M&Ms.

While adulthood can be kind of a struggle, I am beyond thankful to learn that candy isn't solely a seasonal Halloween-time treat. You better believe I'll be eating Milky Way Fudge bars all day every day when they are available. And once I get my fix, I'll be looking forward to tasting the newest flavors of crunchy M&M's. Don't forget to vote for your favorite M&M flavor before the end of May, though. I know I won't, because any election involving candy is automatically my number one priority.