Mike's Hard Lemonade Pop-Up Has Puppies & A Cotton Candy Forest, So Count Me In

When you think of the summer, things like sunshine, bright colors, the beach, and backyard BBQs with your besties probably come to mind. It's the perfect time to experience the bright side of life, and Mike's Hard Lemonade pop-up in Los Angeles will have you embracing the good vibes in just about no time.

Who in my 21 and up crowd doesn't love sippin' a glass of spiked lemonade on a hot summer afternoon? If you're in the LA area (and are of the legal drinking age), you'll want to journey to the Bright Side pop-up, brought to you by Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. The pop-up lasts from June 7 until June 9, and is filled with Instagram-worthy experiences that are designed to transport you to the #BrightSide. It's safe to say, you'll definitely want to get your squad together to go this weekend.

According to their press release, Mike's Hard is embracing the motto, "Drink on the bright side," this season, and that's exactly what you can do with their limited-edition six-pack. Each pack comes with a Snapchat Snapcode where you can enter to win Mike's Hard Lemonade Happy Weekend Giveaway.

All of my LA peeps will experience the bright side first-hand. The event is located at the Hudson Loft all weekend, so reserve your spot by going to DoLA. Then, for just $1, you and your friends get to enjoy some free booze, cotton candy trees, and a ball pit that'll surely bring some color to your 'Gram.

Cool Off At The Conveyor Belt Bar

Jackie Lee Photography

The entire pop-up is truly a sea of yellow. You just can't help but feel happy AF when you're surrounded by such a bright color. Not only are there lots of yellow interactive stations for you to check out, but there will also be free yellow food — that's right, yellow food that's infused with Mike's Hard — and of course, some boozy lemonade to drink on a conveyor belt bar.

Once your tastebuds are satisfied, get your crew together for some major fun at the pop-up's interactive experiences. In fact, each one is linked to a study about happiness. You don't need to tell me twice! I'm on board.

Jump Into The Fun With A Yellow Ball Pit

Jackie Lee Photography

One of the stations at the pop-up has a huge ball pit that's literally asking you to, "Come on, jump in." Get an action shot or boomerang for the 'Gram of you diving in. You will feel super nostalgic, playing around in the ball pit with your besties.

Puppies Always Make For A Pawsome Time

Jackie Lee Photography

If you have puppies, I'm there. These cute fur babies are here for the cuddling, so once you're done awe-ing in delight, you'll want to get a selfie or two (or even a hundred) of you and your new best fur friend. When you post your bestie pic, use a doggy pun like, "Howl you doing?"

Sing Your Heart Out With Caraoke

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I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things in life is singing — or shall I say, scream singing — in the car with my friends to our favorite songs. Well, at the Bight Side pop-up, you and your crew can sing "caraoke" (aka, karaoke in a car) together. If there is Spice Girls, you best believe I'm showing some "girl power" with a rendition of "Wannabe."

You'll Want To Say, "Yello" To It All

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The Bright Side pop-up really is just a fun factory meant to bring you many smiles. In addition to the spots previously mentioned, there will also be a cotton candy forest, an infinity room you'll absolutely need to capture for the 'Gram, and a comedy show put on by Netflix's Brent Morin. So, if you're located in LA, you don't want to miss this one-of-a-kind event, and I hope everyone has a summer that's incredibly bright.