Michelle Williams Had The Best Response To Questions About Why She Wasn't In 'Black Is King'

Jason Squires/WireImage/Getty Images

Beyoncé and Michelle Williams' love for each other runs deep, and they don't need pomp and circumstance to prove it. Beyoncé enlisted some of her famous friends to appear in her Black Is King visual album, and while Williams wasn't in the film, it doesn't mean there are any hard feelings between the two. Michelle Williams' response to questions about Beyoncé's Black Is King proves she values their friendship enough to publicly defend it.

The Beyhive was glued to Black Is King after the film was released on Friday, July 31, and fans couldn't get over the beautiful way Bey highlighted her family as well as friends. During Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl" ballad, her mom, Tina Knowles, and daughters Blue Ivy and Rumi stole the show.

But it wasn't just Bey's brood who captivated the audience. In the visual for the song, Beyoncé's former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland graces the screen multiple times, and fans went wild on Twitter expressing their excitement. Fans were, however, saddened to not see Williams in the film and shared their disappointment on social media.

On Sunday, Aug. 2, Williams gushed over Black Is King in a heartfelt Instagram post, writing: "When you're trying to figure out what your favs are from #BlackIsKing! Ehhhhhhh just post 'em all!!" Of course, one of Williams' fav moments was one that included Bey and Rowland.

Commenters began to question why Williams wasn't in the film. One comment really caught her attention. "Where you at in the film though??" the commenter wrote. Williams replied with a simple message that couldn't have been said better. "I'm in the upper right corner minding my business!" she wrote and added the heart-eye emoji.

While it's not 100% clear why Williams didn't appear in Black Is King, or what exactly Williams meant by her comment to the fan, one thing is for sure: She and Bey still support each other 100%, and they aren't letting gossip get the best of them.