Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey's Astrological Compatibility Shows Opposites Attract

Aaron J. Thornton/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It’s (Instagram) official: Michael B. Jordan has a new leading lady in his life, model Lori Harvey. The news comes following months of rumors concerning a possible romance, kicked off when the two were first spotted by TMZ hopping on a plane from Atlanta to Los Angeles — in matching sweatsuits, no less — back on Nov. 25, 2020. They let the world know they're officially cuffed up with a pair of IG posts on January 10, and we love to see it. They certainly look like they were meant to be in the photos, but what do the stars have to say about this new couple? As it turns out, Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey's astrological compatibility is a little more complicated than you might expect based on how much these two are vibing.

Jordan was born Feb. 9, 1987, under the sign of Aquarius, and Harvey’s birthday is Jan. 13, 1997, which makes her a Capricorn. It's always a challenging pairing when an air and earth sign meet. Like the elements they represent, Capricorn is grounded, solid, steadfast, and traditional, while Aquarius, who's free-spirited, independent, and unconventional, goes with their own flow. For obvious reasons, this can make a romantic pairing a bit more tricky, since their needs are (in some ways) in direct contrast. But there's a reason they say opposites attract: the differences can also be very intriguing and offer unique opportunities for personal growth through a new perspective on life. This is exactly the case when the right Capricorn and Aquarius fall in love. Here's what else we know about Jordan and Harvey’s compatibility based on their zodiac signs.

Their love starts with friendship.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are comfortable taking things slowly and letting their relationships grow over time. This is how these two very different signs can forge lasting love connections, because they start with the foundation of a true friendship, respect, and admiration. On the surface, these two may not have much in common. Capricorn is very driven, focused, and sometimes a bit overly serious. Aquarius, however, is quick to reject anything conventional; they blaze their trails and see life as a journey, not a destination. But when they can slowly get to know one another and peel back the layers of difference, they find commonalities. For instance, they both want a deeper connection with someone and just enjoy one another's company. When this happens, many of their differences become much easier to navigate, because both parties want to make it work.

They feel safe together.

Because Aquarius is such a unique soul, they often feel as though no one truly understands them. And even though they're very independent, that can still make them feel a bit lonely. Enter Capricorn, who naturally makes everyone around them feel safe and secure, thanks to their grounded, reliable, and steady nature. While Aquarius might be put off by how “normal” Cap is at first, the kind of acceptance they offer can be just the balm Capricorn never knew they always wanted. In return, Aquarius adds spice and excitement to Capricorn's life, helping them to break out of their routine a bit and be more in the moment. There are perks to being so different, and the best Capricorn-Aquarius couples are perfect examples of that.

They'll need to agree to disagree sometimes.

When two signs are as diametrically different as Capricorn and Aquarius, there'll obviously be some times where they just can't see eye-to-eye. The key here is for them to learn to pick their battles and give the other partner room to be themselves. For the big issues, such expectations of monogamy and plans for the future, they're like most couples and will need to be on the same page to have real longevity. But for smaller issues, there has to be some acceptance that they just see things differently. In other words, they'll need to amicably agree to disagree. This comes down to accepting one another for who they are and embracing those differences.

Only time will tell if Jordan and Harvey have a forever kind of love, but one thing's for sure: I’ll be rooting for them to go all the way.