If You're Feeling Super Optimistic Lately, You Can Thank Mercury In Sagittarius

by Valerie Mesa

Not so fast, Sagittarius the explorer! Your solar revolution hasn't arrived just yet. Mercury the messenger, however, leaves suspicious Scorpio, and slides into your wander-lusting and oh-so-adventurous territory, around midnight on Halloween. Ya heard, stargazers? Mercury in Sagittarius 2018 is just around the corner, and in case you're wondering what's to come, just picture good ol' mischievous Mercury sitting around a giant bonfire, in the middle of the woods, surrounded by friends, loved ones, and of course, wildlife. For the record, I used the example of a bonfire, because that is the metaphor for the sign of the archer, as it is also the last fire sign in the zodiac. Now, what types of conversations do you think would take place in the midst of a crackling bonfire, surrounded by family and friends? Would you be hesitant to speak your truth? Or would your words and thoughts simply flow through you? Hold that thought.

Remember, Mercury rules our communication style and overall thought process. Hint: This trickster planet also rules curious Gemini, which just so happens to be Sagittarius' polar opposite. That said, if you think chatty Mercury thrives in a fire sign like Sagittarius, think again. Now, that's not to say that Sagittarius isn't incredibly brilliant, witty, or communicative, for that matter. However, when we actually observe the energy of both of these celestial influences, you'll notice that Sagittarius will see the box of sand, aka the bigger picture, while Mercury prefers to observe the grains of sand. See where I'm going with this? Sagittarius is a philosopher and true visionary, as this fire sign prefers to take action, while looking through broader lens. (Meaning, nothing is impossible, really.) Mercury, on the other hand, will focus on the petty details, analyzing every single one of its options. See the difference?

Mercury In Sagittarius Vibes

Now, let's combine detail-oriented Mercury together with Sagittarius' larger-than-life personality. What do we get? Well, Mercury is definitely the inquisitive type, as it rules curious Gemini; however, it also rules practical Virgo, which means the messenger planet is very much concerned with the "here and now." Sagittarius, however, is bursting with enthusiasm, as its mind is constantly racing with opportunity, and the endless possibilities. Want my advice? Think before you speak, stargazers.

Granted, Mercury in Sagittarius encourages us to speak our truth, while expanding our mental horizons. However, in the midst of this optimistic and over-the-top conversation, details can slip through the cracks, so be mindful of what you're communicating, as there could be some unnecessary exaggerating in the process. Now, before you think that you're immune to this sort of thing, check yourself. Everyone has Sagittarius somewhere in their birth chart, whether that be an actual planet, or simply an astrological house, depending on the ascendant.

In the end, Mercury in Sagittarius will affect us collectively, which means there will be an innate desire to question the universe, while discovering our truth. The sign of the archer is bursting with ideas, knowledge, and jokes, not mention opinions that might seem a bit far out, but that is the beauty of Sagittarius. Truth is, no conversation is ever too boring for Mercury in Sagittarius. It wants answers, and while it points its arrow to an endless sky of possibilities, there is also a feeling of excitement and passion, that is almost irresistible.

Mercury in Sagittarius is similar to that of Mercury in Scorpio, in the sense that there is more than meets the eye. However, you can't compare Sagittarius' happy-go-lucky and risk-taking personality, to Scorpio's suspicious introversion. This astrological transit serves as a reminder that there is always more than one point of view, and last but not least, there is something waiting for each and every one of us beyond the horizon.