Mercury In Pisces Will Inspire Breakthrough Conversations, So Open Your Mind

by Valerie Mesa

In Roman mythology, Mercury was a swift and savvy messenger of the gods, fearlessly traveling in and out of the underworld, interpreting, translating, and transporting. Meanwhile, in astrology, Mercury is a symbol of our communication style, and general thought process. Speaking of, Mercury in Pisces 2019 is here, and trust me when I say, once this transit kicks off, your thoughts and feelings will be as vivid as ever. Put it this way: Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, right?Well, the term "last but not least," has never been more appropriate, as Pisces is energetically tinted by every single one of the zodiac signs that came before it.

The energy of Pisces is vast, and all-encompassing. This is precisely why this water sign is so utterly complex and mystifying to comprehend. Truth is, Pisces carries the world on its back, and it's no wonder dreamy Neptune is its planetary ruler. In astrology, Neptune is the planet of compassion, dreams, elusiveness, glamour, magic, spirituality, and universal consciousness. Neptune dissolves all boundaries, which is why Pisces is so empathic, emotionally receptive, and intuitive. This water sign sees so much more than meets the eye, which is why those who are born under this sign are typically artists, musicians, and poets.

Think about it; where does art come from? Where do colors, lyrics, visions, and emotions stem from? This is where the essence of Pisces comes in, and to answer that question, it is all made from love. It is a universal language that very much exists all around us, despite its lack of matter. It is an ocean of emotions, a rainbow of colors, and a combination of all that is. With that being said, the magical energy of ethereal Pisces serves as a constant reminder that we are infinite. It's as simple as it is complex. Period.

When Mercury Is In Dreamy Pisces...

When Mercury is traveling through the depths of dreamy Pisces, our minds dissolve all boundaries and walls, making it easier to go beyond the third dimension. Pisces is mutable water, which means this energy is incredibly flexible and versatile. This is precisely why Mercury in Pisces sees everything, and all that's in between.

During this perplexing transit, the mind is capable of reaching infinite depths, as it knows absolutely no boundaries. (Really think about that for a minute; I mean, it's no wonder Albert Einstein was a Pisces, right?) With Mercury traveling through the universal sign of Pisces, some of us might suddenly come face-to-face with things we've never seen before.

Mercury in Pisces is basically limitless when it comes to thought, and perspective. Talk about being open-minded, huh? Naturally, this elusive transit could spark confusion, haziness, and general ambiguity when putting thoughts into words, considering the infinite amounts of information being processed.

Sometimes there's no use in explaining the reasoning behind something so magical, and that is the beauty of Pisces. Truth is, the subconscious realm is strange, complex, and perhaps even intimidating at times. However, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there, right? That said, make sure you tap into your intuition during this time, because in the end, it always knows best.

Mercury Enters Pisces On Feb. 10, 2019

There is a dark side to this whimsical Mercury in Pisces transit though, and it's that there is a lack of detail and concentration, which means we are typically prone to miscommunications. Imagine, Mercury in Pisces isn't trying to prove a point, or get to the bottom of something, on the contrary. In Pisces, Mercury gives us a glimpse at the universal realm, and well, that's a lot when you combine it with our physical reality, don't you think?

Stay grounded, stargazers... but don't forget to take a dip in these ethereal waters. You won't regret it.