Here's How Mercury In Cancer Is Going To Affect You In June

by Valerie Mesa

Am I the only one who pictures the planets' personalities as they move throughout the zodiac wheel? I'm totally visual, so I can just imagine Mercury rolling his eyes in complete dread as he exits his home sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. I'm not saying Mercury in Cancer 2019 is bad thing, but the messenger planet thinks logically and rationally, as opposed to Cancer, who's hypersensitive and typically clouded with emotions. Now, while there are a number of marvelous attributes to this astrological transit, I want to recognize the unique essence of Mercury before cosmically blending it with Cancer's moon-shaped mind.

Mischievous Mercury rules all things related to communication, commerce, and cognitive functioning. This might sound silly, but the savvy messenger is also the planet of mimicry, considering it's the only way we learn how to communicate and pronounce words at a young age. After several years as a practicing astrologer, I've come to find that your natal Mercury placement can not only determine your style of communication, but it can also help you recognize the way you were spoken to as a child. Whether it was during school, or at home with your parents, everyone learned how to converse somehow, right?

According to Roman mythology, and, Mercury served as mediator between the gods and mortals. He was the go-to interpreter, translator, and transporter of goods and messages. But this savvy deity was often portrayed as a trickster, given his ability to travel in and out of the underworld. (Real talk, have you ever seen a Gemini in action?) Legend has it that Mercury was also known for being a bit on the shady side, often pulling pranks unexpectedly, as per So you can already imagine what happens when the clever messenger God travels through an intuitive sign like Cancer.

Needless to say, utilizing astrology as a tool can serve as a form of validation for your behaviors, both personally and collectively. And in the case of Mercury the messenger planet, you'll find some much-needed clarity in regard to your thought processes and communication styles, which is pretty important, if you ask me. BTW, for those of you who aren't sure what your Mercury sign is, you can find out here. And if you'd like a closer look at how this Mercury transit will affect you, check which astrological house Cancer is located on your birth chart.

Mercury In Cancer: June 4, 2019

Are you ready to spill your guts? Alright, I could be exaggerating a little, but communicating your innermost feelings is a no-brainer during this transit. In Cancer, the mischievous messenger planet encourages you to partake in deep conversations where you can openly discuss the things making you feel vulnerable and perhaps even sentimental. Remember, Cancer is highly intuitive and a nurturer at heart, so this energy can be incredibly soothing for intimate conversations and bonding.

On the dark side, however, Mercury in Cancer's innate receptivity to your inner world, along with the emotional undercurrent all around you, can easily cloud your judgment and thought process. I'll be honest with you, I have a natal Mercury in Cancer and I am a 100% guilty of allowing my emotions to influence my thought process. So much so, I refuse to make any important decisions when I'm down, otherwise I'll likely regret it later. So instead of dwelling on your emotional state, use Cancer's cardinal waters to tap into your intuition.

In sensitive Cancer, the messenger planet sort of shape-shifts into a cosmic life coach. Cancer is constantly seeking comfort, depth, and emotional security, so conversations during this transit are the equivalent of a heart-to-heart therapy session. Don't be afraid to communicate with passion and emotion. Mercury in Cancer is your very own celestial Dear Abby, and we only get this once a year. Your feelings matter.