Meghan Markle's Outfit For A Recent Zoom Call Is One You Can Easily Do Yourself

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping people in their houses to help slow the disease’s spread, it’s hard to find the motivation to get dressed up beyond a pair of leggings and a hoodie. Even if you do want to get dressed, it’s hard to find the right balance between comfort and professionalism, particularly if you're working from home. Luckily, if you’re looking for some WFH outfit inspiration, Meghan Markle outfit on a recent Zoom call is the cue we should all take.

Markle joined in on the Zoom call with the Hubb Community Kitchen, an organization currently working double time in London to help those affected by the pandemic. From L.A., Markle spoke to people behind the group telling them how they’ve “inspired so many people.” For the video, she went with a basic white t-shirt and wore her hair pulled back into a sleek updo. This look is so simple but classic — the perfect combo between put-together and comfy. The t-shirt felt casual and approachable, while the slicked-back bun or ponytail maintained some level of professionalism. (For we non-Markles, this also means you can hide any grease if you you're trying to extend the life of your hair between washes.) The overall effect was incredibly chic, yet down-to-earth.

Another reason for this call was to celebrate the group of 17's new project: cooking up to 300 meals a day in their homes for three days a week. “The spirit of the Hubb Community Kitchen has always been one of caring, giving back, and helping those in need, initially in Grenfell and now throughout the UK," Markle told Harper’s Bazaar. “A home-cooked meal from one neighbor to another, when they need it most, is what community is all about." After the Grenfell tower fire in London in 2017, Hubb Community Kitchen got together to prepare fresh food for their local community. Helping the organization publish a cookbook was one of the first projects Markle supported when she joined the royal family in 2018 — and her support hasn't stopped since.

Markle’s own coronavirus aid doesn’t end there. She and Prince Harry have also donated money from their wedding broadcast to charity, and it was reported that the couple has been volunteering with the L.A.-local non-profit Project Angel Food. The two have apparently been making deliveries around the city to those who are immunocompromised and unable to leave their homes. If the couple came to my house dropping off food, it’s safe to say I wouldn’t look half as put together as Markle did. But at least there's one outfit I know I can copy.