Some People Were NOT Happy Meghan Markle Wore Denim To Wimbledon

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Another day, another eye roll. The Duchess of Sussex has once again come under fire for her (very chic, imho) fashion choices and yes, the reasoning is as sigh-worthy as you'd expect. Meghan Markle wore denim to Wimbledon and, as reported by British daily national newspaper The Times, some people are not happy. The publication's headline for the story they published was "Meghan falls foul of All England etiquette by wearing jeans to Wimbledon," which in itself makes me want to groan, but upon reading what other match-goers and officials had to say on the matter, the whole situation becomes even more ridiculous.

On July 4th, Markle made an appearance at Wimbledon to watch Serena Williams, one of her best friends, play a match. What was meant to be a low key affair quickly turned into international headlines, with Markle's dress and security guard, of all things, coming under fire. As an All England Club source told The Times, Markle had “wanted to come incognito but there were problems. They couldn’t invite her into the royal box because she was wearing jeans, but that didn’t really matter because all she wanted to do was come and watch Serena." What's more, Markle was further criticized because "Andy Murray was on Court 1 afterwards, and it was a massive faux pas not to watch a Brit when she is signed up to the royal family.”

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And that's only the half if it. Apparently, Markle's security guard asked match-goers not to take photos of her at the event, seeing as she was there in a private capacity. This understandable request angered attendees and received a lot of negative backlash online. As explained to The Times by a palace source, “It is not unusual for people accompanying members of the royal family at private, or public, engagements to ask members of the public not to take photographs. This is to enable members of the royal family to properly engage with people and events.”

Perhaps most cringe-worthy of all is that one especially unpleasant official who reportedly helped to organize the event said that “it was a nightmare, she was a nightmare.” I mean, come on.

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Let's take a second to review all of this. Markle, who had no intentions of ever even going into the royal box, according to a palace official, wanted to pop in to Wimbledon, see her BFF play, and head out. She looked extremely put together in jeans, a white blazer, her signature fedora, and high heels, and was said to be inappropriately dressed for the occasion? Yeesh.

Regarding being criticized for leaving after Williams was done playing, Markle has a two-month old baby at home that she probably needed to get back to so no, just no.

Luckily, the All England Club did tell The Times that they did not agree with the critiquing of Markle and her outfit. "Any suggestion that the duchess’s visit was anything other than a privilege for the club is categorically not the view of the club, and she is always welcome to attend the championships,” they said. Seeing as Kate Middleton, Markle's sister-in-law, is patron of the Club, it's a relief that there's no beef there.