Meghan Markle Can't Eat This One Food Now That She's A Royal & It's Total Blasphemy

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It might seem like a dream to be in the royal family, especially after watching that incredible, next-level wedding. But before you fantasize your day away in envy of that #fairytale life, I invite y'all to think about this: What if being a royal meant you could no longer go to your favorite Italian restaurant for garlic knots, or throughly enjoy yourself while you dunk a chip (or 20) into your favorite onion dip at a summer barbecue? Apparently, Meghan Markle can't eat garlic now that she's a royal, so that's the kind of bizarre fate she's facing.

I know, guys. Not only did Markle have to say bye-bye to her role on Suits and her Instagram (which, BTW, is a tragedy, because I would have loved to have seen intimate selfies of Meghan and Prince Harry brushing their teeth together at Kensington Palace, but that's just me), but according to Express, the Duchess of Sussex can also no longer enjoy garlic, aka everyone's favorite, though admittedly potent-smelling food.

The most unfortunate part of all of this? Meghan Markle apparently loves her some garlic. According to a 2012 TODAY article about Markle's favorite healthy food dishes, she's a big fan of whipping up a garlic-flavored chicken, and even a quinoa dish with some of the smelly stuff sprinkled in, too.

Before becoming a royal, Markle basically said breath be damned, and treated herself to some garlic whenever she freaking pleased.

So who in the heck is responsible for this seemingly cruel, rather strange rule? As you might have guessed, the whole anti-garlic thing is Queen Elizabeth's doing. According to Express, the Queen simply cannot deal with garlic breath, and thus, garlic is banned from any and all royal meals — banned, I tell you!

Again, nothing about this is fair, if you ask me. But you know what's even worse? This no-garlic rule isn't just in effect when Markle is having lunch with the Queen. Express reports the 36-year-old royal isn't even allowed to have garlic when she's traveling and eating abroad, because those royals that she's dining with apparently have their own, nice-smelling reputations to uphold. No French onion soup, no garlic mashed potatoes — none of that. My heart aches for you, Meghan, truly.

And listen, if you're still convinced that a royal lifestyle is worth enjoying for a weird dietary restriction like this, just take a moment to imagine what it might be like to, say, travel through Italy and have to decline a big freakin' dish of olive-oily, garlic-filled pasta during a meet-and-greet with a diplomat. It's blasphemy, I tell you!

According to Express, it was the chef at Buckingham Palace who spilled the tea about the whole no-garlic rule.

Darren McGrady, the royal chef at Buckingham Palace, told the outlet,

We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions. The Queen would never have garlic on the menu.

But listen, we can all exhale our own garlic-y breath a little bit in a sigh of relief, because when it's just Meghan and Harry, Express reports, she can nosh on whatever the heck she wants. So at least she can be her total, sometimes-smelly self around her own husband, right? They were, after all, reportedly making a garlic roasted chicken the very night that Prince Harry got down on one knee and proposed, according to The Cut.

Still, it's not just the no-garlic rule that turns me off of the idea of being a royal. According to Huffington Post, Markle's also not allowed to wear jeans now that she's the Duchess of Sussex, she can't be involved in politics, and she can't necessarily travel wherever she wants, whenever she wants. It kind of sounds like a bummer, right?

But you know, as long as she and Prince Harry are genuinely happy together, that's all that matters, right? Hopefully he's not as big of a stickler on garlic as some of the other members of his family.